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Swabhimaan 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 3rd April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Naina motivating Nirmala to go to office and says if she tries to do something and initiate the thing then it will motivate and inspire Karan to fight with his illness which is related to his heart. She says you have to take a move and bring a change. Meghna thinks about Sharda. Sharda calls her and asks her to wait for her. Meghna says she was getting late and that’s why left. She thinks she shall go back and apologize to Sharda and cries. Nirmala thinks about Naina’s words. Naina comes hiding something. Nirmala says you are acting as a child. Naina shows her gift and says it is for your beginning. Nirmala likes the saree and says it is good, but I can’t go to office. Naina says you are very beautiful and any color suits you best. Nirmala says she can’t go to office and have never gone there. Naina says you must have gone to kitchen for first time in your life.

Nirmala says Nand Kishore will get angry hearing this and recalls him scolding her. Naina says Papa will appreciate you and will support you if you know that you are doing this for Karan. She says you are our adarsh and says Dada ji will be happy to see you handling office. Karan hears her. She asks will you go to office? Meghna comes back to Vishnu’s house. Vaibhav talks to her and complains about Sharda that she don’t drink milk. Kalpana and Asha come. Meghna greets them and asks driver to keep the things. Kalpana gets happy seeing the goodies. Karan tells Nirmala that he agrees with Naina and asks her to go to office like Sandhya. He says I think you will do good work and people will be surprised. Nirmala asks do you like to see your mum working in office. Karan says he will feel proud and asks her to go to office. He asks her to wear saree brought by Naina and says it will suit you best. Nirmala thinks Karan asked something from me for the first time and thinks to go to office.

Meghna asks about Gopal. Kalpana tells that he is jobless and couldn’t get job in her company. Meghna tells that she will get job for Mama in her company. Kalpana gets happy. Meghna tells that she is worried about Sharda. Kalpana says she will take good care of Sharda and will make food for her and will make her drink milk. Meghna asks her to massage her feet. Kalpana says she will do. Meghna promises to get job for Gopal within a month. Sharda comes. Kalpana tells that she will bring shikanji for her and goes. Meghna hugs Sharda.

Sharda says it is good that you came back and says we will have food together. Meghna asks her not to make her paraya. Sharda says I can’t explain to you now, and says you will understand when you become mum. She says I have returned those papers to your tau ji and gives her cheque. Meghna is shocked. Sharda asks her to sit and goes inside. Meghna gets upset and leaves. Sharda thinks she felt bad, but she will not be upset with her for long.

Naina’s dupatta falls on Karan covering him. Sweet music plays……He looks at her. Naina looks shy. He goes to her and says your dupatta. Naina takes it. Karan thanks her and says nobody thought about Maa except Dada ji. He says you thought about her and encouraged her. Naina says we can be friends now. Karan says okay…….Naina smiles. Karan says we will be friends until you are in this house, and our friendship will end if you leave. Naina looks on.

Nirmala thinks to take Dada ji’s opinion. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala if she wants to complain to Dada ji about him. She says why she will complain and says she wants to talk to him about Karan. Nand Kishore asks what happened to him. Nirmala thinks she shall discuss this thing with him and says he needs office going wife always.


Swabhimaan 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina tells that she befriended his umbrella before. Karan says okay. Karan and Naina change each other names as friend. Nirmala tells Nand Kishore that Karan wants her to go to office. Nand Kishore says no need and asks her to handle home. Naina and Meghna cries seeing Nirmala’s insult. Nand Kishore holds Nirmala’s hand and asks don’t she think right to take her husband’s approval.

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