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Swabhimaan 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Sharda asking Vishal if he enquired about meeting CM. Vishal says we have to give application for meeting, and then only we will be informed if we can meet him or not. Meghna asks Kunal to have breakfast. He says he is getting late. Meghna says lets go. Kunal says I can’t drop you daily in my car. Meghna says okay, you would have told me, I will call taxi. Kunal holds Naina’s hand and takes her out. Sandhya looks on. Meghna comes out and sees a brand new car. Kunal shows her board. She reads for my topper. Meghna gets happy. Kunal says I said that I will not drop you in my car, but your car. Meghna thanks him and says this car seems to be costly. Kunal says you are Chauhan’s bahu now. Sandhya looks on and gets irked. Meghna and Kunal leaves. Sandhya thinks Kunal have gone mad. Naina thinks Kunal and Meghna’s relationship is good, and thinks she would have ask Karan about earring if their relation was good. Nand Kishore calls Sharda and asks what did CM say? Sharda says we didn’t meet him, and have sent an email to his PA and waiting for reply.

Nand kishore says waiting…and says if you sit at home and wait then my project will be gone. He says I thought you have manners and values to talk to rich people and disconnects the call. Sharda is hurt. She tells Vishal that she is going to CM office and asks him to tell her if he gets email reply. She says she will wait outside his office and worries about Nand Kishore’s project. Vishal says I will also come. Sharda asks why you are coming with him. Vishal thinks I can’t tell you that it is not safe to meet him.

Naina tries talking to Karan and asks him to reply her. She then shows earrings and asks whose earrings is this? Karan says it is in your hand, you might know. Naina says I thought you know? She says I found this on the same place where you was sleeping? Karan asks her to keep the earrings there. Naina says I will asks everyone now, whose earring is this? Karan stops her. Naina asks whose earrings is this? Karan says this earrings is of someone who has valuable to me.

Meghna comes to Jain and tells that there was no work for her yesterday. Jain asks Peon to bring tea and tells Meghna that he has done a big mistake. He says he forgot his anniversary and have to buy something for his wife. Meghna wishes him. Jain asks if she can help him with shopping. He asks her to order something online, so that his wife gets happy. Meghna thinks why he is not talking about work. Naina tells Khyati that she wants to know about Karan. She asks her about his close friends. Khyati asks if she wants to trouble him. Naina looks on. Meghna hears employees gossiping about her. She gets angry and comes to them. She says she wanted to meet her team yesterday, but you people didn’t come. She says she wants working team and not gossip team. She says she is middle class girl and have done lot of hardwork to reach here and that’s why she is here and they are on desk job. Naina thinks about Karan’s words that marriage is fake and he has no relation with her.

Karan is talking to his girl friend and tells her that Naina got her earrings. Naina hears him and comes to him. He cuts the call. Naina says I want to meet that girl. Karan laughs and says you are different. He says you ask anything with anyone, you think that I will do as you says. Naina says it is wife’s right to know about her husband. I have right to know about you. Meghna thinks she will not tolerate any nonsense and will find out what is going on in this office. She sees Sharda’s pic and thinks about her words. She calms down her anger and picks the bouquet from the floor. She cries.

Sharda tells Vishal that it is good that they came to temple. Vishal says you was looking worried before coming here. Sharda says my children loves me a lot. She gets Meghna’s call. Meghna cries. Sharda asks if anything happened in the office. Meghna thinks she can’t tell her and tells that she wanted to hear her voice. Naina says it is my right to know about you. Karan says I haven’t given you right and says you are still stranger to me. I don’t share my talks with strangers. Naina says if I am stranger to you then you shall not be afraid to hide things from me. She says you would have hide this from Naina Chauhan, but you just said that I am Naina Solanki. She says you will be benefitted and I will be at loss. Karan looks on.

Sharda tells Meghna that when she joined school, she thought if kids will understand her teaching, but soon they had. She says we have come here to temple. Meghna asks her to read gayatri mantra. Sharda reads gayatri mantra. Meghna feels relieved. Karan asks naina if she really wants to meet her. Naina says yes. Karan says I have a condition and asks her to go away from him after meeting her. Naina says if you loves that girl then I will go from here. Karan and Naina are going. Sharda still reads gayatri mantra. Meghna is calm down. Just then she gets Singhania’s mail and thinks Jain must have sent this mail by mistake. Sandhya blesses her. Meghna says she will make her way. She thinks to find out who is Ms. Singhania and why she doesn’t want me to work. Karan asks Naina to come to coffee shop at 4 pm and wear nice dress. Jain talks to Ms. Singhania and says he will meet her at coffee shop.

Meghna thinks today she will know. Naina comes to the coffee shop and tells that she came to meet Karan Chauhan. She tells that she is his wife. Meghna also comes to the coffee shop and looks for Jain. Naina comes to meet Karan’s girl friend and thinks don’t know if I have done right or not. Oh piya plays……..She sees a pregnant lady with Karan and looks on shockingly. Meghna thinks where to sit. She gets Kunal’s call. She asks him if he knows Ms. Singhania. Kunal says yes and asks how did she know?


Swabhimaan 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Karan tells Naina that time has come for her to leave. Then her actual girl friend come there. Naina looks at her. Meghna follows Jain and see Karan there.

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