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Swabhimaan 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sharda thinking about people accusing her with false allegations. Naina and Meghna call her and ask if she is fine. She says she is fine and going to school now. Naina asks her not to hide anything. Sharda says don’t know why I am scared today to go, and tells that she is scared of people. Meghna thinks her strong mum is afraid of people today. Naina tells whenever we are upset, your medicine/Gayatri mantra calm us. She reads gayatri mantra and says it will calm down her mind. Sharda steps out from the house while hearing the Gayatri mantra reciting by her daughters. Sharda reaches school. Naina and Meghna end the call. Sharda sees her husband’s pic and tells that his daughters supported her like he used to do and tells that she is lucky to get her daughters who stood by her.

Naina brings something for Karan and says Maa made it for you. Karan says he wanted to have something now. Naina says mother and children relation are such. Karan tells that mother’s love is selfless. Naina tells that Nirmala wants him to go to office like Kunal. She gets a call and attends it. Karan asks what she was saying. Naina says she wants her friend to be independent and feels he will do something unique. Karan says you trust me so much and that’s why lied on phone. Naina says there was nobody on call and tells that she wants to convey him message that he shall rectify himself. Karan asks why did she lie? Naina asks him to think again and goes. She thinks he is egoistic and bored, and thinks to convince him to do job. She hears Sandhya laughing and wonders with whom she is laughing. She sees Meghna with Sandhya in her room and laughing while watching the pics.

Sandhya shows Kunal’s pic and tells about him. Naina thinks when Sandhya is laughing with meghna then she wants her to do something and thinks Meghna doesn’t know what Sandhya did with Karan. Sandhya tells Meghna that she will find Sharda’s culprit. Meghna tells that she trust her and that they were also busy in studies and not on worldy talks, and tells that one thing is sure that the criminal must have left the proofs. Sandhya thinks meghna is innocent, Meghna thinks to expose her. Later Nand Kishore talks to Sandhya, and she asks him if he don’t think that it will be risky to carry 1 crore cash. Nand kishore says he needs cash for some work. Meghna hears them and thinks his black money will make place in govt treasure.

Peon comes to Sharda aand tells that CM came to meet her. Sharda sees him coming out and leaves from the school. CM sees her going and greets her. He apologize for coming to meet her. Sharda tells that people gossip about them whenever they meet and says an ordinary maths teacher can’t explain to you who is sitting on CM chair. CM says I know why you said this, I can’t feel what you feel and tells that he is an ordinary man like her and is dedicated to his work like her. He tells that no person is big or small and tells that teacher’s position is bigger than him. He apologizes for the inconvenience caused to her and goes.

Meghna takes Nand Kishore’s car no. pic and thinks he is taking his black money in this car, thinks his crimes reached its limits. Naina comes and holds her.


Swabhimaan 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Naina asks Meghna what she is hiding. Meghna calls Police and informs that nand kishore is having black money in his car. Police stops his car.

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