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Swabhimaan 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Meghna telling Naina that she thought her sister came, but Chauhan’s bahu have come. She says why will Kunal apologize. Naina says she wants Kunal to come and says she wants Nirmala to meet him. Meghna tells about Kunal’s condition, and stops Naina from meeting Kunal and calls her Mrs. Chauhan. Naina thinks Meghna didn’t refuse when she invited her. Vishnu asks Sharda to call Kunal and Meghna there. Asha taunts Sharda. Sharda tells that Meghna got her office accommodation. Sawri asks Sharda to give her food. Sharda gives her food and sits with Sawri to have her own food. Sawri gives one chapati back to Sharda and says she has done work for 50 Rs and will eat food worth of that amount. Sharda says you are a good student and learnt fast. Sawri asks why Asha is eating so much and taunts her. They have an argument.

Naina tells Dada ji that she invited Kunal and Meghna. Karan says puja will not start until Kunal and Meghna come there. Dada ji says they got chadawa thali for Kunal and Meghna also. Nand Kishore throws the plates. Meghna and Kunal come there. Everyone smiles. Nand Kishore looks on angrily. Naina tries to greet Meghna, but she ignores her. Karan hugs Karan. Kunal hugs Nirmala and touches Dada ji’s feet ignoring Sandhya. Kunal touch Nand Kishore’s feet, but he backs off. Kunal says he wants to tell something, and says today we apologize to each other. He apologizes for hurting everyone unintentionally. He folds his hands and says sorry Dad, but you will always be my dad. He apologizes to him for breaking his hope and trust. Dada ji apologizes to everyone saying if he had hurt them. Everyone apologizes. Meghna says today I have a question for everyone and asks if Kunal will get justice. She says how can I forget seeing my husband crying like a child. Dada ji says that’s why apologizing. Meghna says justice haven’t been done, and says Nirmala shall stay with Kunal. Nand Kishore asks her to take Nirmala with them. Meghna gets happy.

Meghna signs Nirmala to come. Nand kishore steps forward. Nirmala being scared hides behind the pillar. Nand Kishore asks Kunal if he forgot who is his real mum and asks him to take Sandhya. He pushes him badly. Everyone is shocked. Sandhya holds him. Nand Kishore says he staged the drama through his wife and says he wants crorepati mum. He asks him to take Sandhya and leave. Meghna tells him that she will not go without taking Nirmala. She says nobody can stop me today. She rings the bell. Naina asks what you are asking, why Maa needs to go with you. Meghna says she needs Nirmala for her husband and for his happiness. She says she didn’t ask anything except her husband’s happiness. Kunal says he don’t want anyone to get hurt because of him. He asks Meghna to come. Nirmala stops Kunal and says I will come with you. Meghna smiles.


Swabhimaan 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sandhya says she is staying in Chauhan’s house since 25 years and says she will die. She is about to cut her wrist, but Karan stops her. Nand Kishore lets her stay for a month. Sandhya thinks to ruin Chauhan’s family within a month.

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