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Swabhimaan 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina telling Meghna that she can’t forget her responsibility and tells that Karan is hungry since night. Meghna asks her to make food, but someone else will give food to him. She says you got married forcefully and fulfilling your duty as wife and have accepted this marriage, but Karan don’t regard you as his wife or this marriage. She says I will give him breakfast and says this line is lakshman rekha for you, and you will not go inside it. Sandhya gets happy and thinks how she can miss the drama. Naina asks her to let her go to meet Karan once.

Meghna knocks on the door. Karan thinks Naina came to give him food and opens the door happily. He looks out for Naina. Naina is hiding. Meghna says you used to come downstairs and have food with everyone. He says if you don’t have food then I will come and give you, but be sure that Naina don’t come here. Karan says I can understand.

Kunal tells Naina that he couldn’t understand Karan or his illness. He feels guilty and says sorry to Naina. Karan says what I couldn’t do, you have done in one go. He says I know the truth, but don’t have the strength to tell it, else this marriage would have stopped. He says I am weak and selfish too. Naina asks Kunal to come and shows him chart in the wardrobe and says it is Karan’s medicine chart. She says this marriage is my marriage, and I didn’t let any burden fall on it, then why you are in guilt. She says he has so many good things and I couldn’t see his illness, and I am happy to marry him. Karan says I am upset that I couldn’t stop Papa and tells that he was moved with Naina’s goodness. Meghna gets touched and says she came to know that his illness can be spread by cough and laugh, and says I am happy that you understood this is right. Karan says since she came here, I was burdened, but now it is lowered as this way Naina’s life will get better. Meghna thanks him for supporting her. Karan gets teary eyes. Tu pyaar hai plays…..Naina asks Kunal to understand her relation with Karan, and says we will make Meghna understand at the end.

Sandhya asks naina to call Karan for breakfast. Nirmala says our bahus will take care of their husbands now. Karan comes there. Nirmala asks why did you bring plate. Sandhya checks the plate and says you didn’t have food. Karan says I will have food with everyone. Sandhya says we will not force you and asks Naina to serve food to Karan. Naina serves him food. Nirmala asks if they have an argument. Naina says no. Sandhya thinks Nirmala shall know of the drama.

Sandhya tells Nirmala that Meghna took Naina to her room forcibly and Kunal is staying in guest room. Nirmala is shocked. Meghna and Kunal talk about Karan and Naina. Nirmala tells that she is worried about Karan and if Nand Kishore comes to know that Kunal is staying in guest room then. Nirmala asks her not to tell him.


Swabhimaan 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna scolds Kunal for telling that Karan loves Naina and says he told me that he don’t love her. Later Kunal tries to make Karan realize his feelings for Naina.