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Swabhimaan 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Naina seeing pregnant woman and says hello. She also greets Naina and thanks Karan for letting her share his table. Karan says chair was empty so…she leaves. He asks Naina to sit and orders cold coffee for her. Naina asks how do you know that I like it? Karan says I remember and tells that her cold coffee should be special. Naina looks on sad. Kunal tells her that Mrs. Singhania was his English teacher in class 5th and was his crush. He jokes and says he doesn’t know any other Ms. Singhania. He says I thought you got jealous of her and asks why you are searching her. Meghna says for office work and asks him if he had lunch. He says yes. Meghna thinks to find out why she is denied to work at office and what is Mr. Jain and Ms. Singhania’s advantage.

Karan asks Naina not to take much time in drinking coffee and says it is time for you to go…..Oh Piya plays….Karan waves hi to his girl friend. Naina thinks why she don’t want to see the girl. Vishal and Sharda are at CM’s office. Sharda asks his assistant to help them meet CM and tells that they have mailed him. PA says he can’t guarantee them of meeting. Vishal asks Sharda to sit. Then Assistant comes and asks them to come, as CM is free for 10 mins, but the guard stops them and says only one person can go inside. Vishal says just now three persons met CM and asks why they are denied to meet him. He says you will not meet him alone. Sharda insists. Vishal is firm on his decision.

Karan introduces his girlfriend to Vidhi. Vidhi says they met 10 years back. Vidhi orders juice for him and says Karan will get irritated if they give him options. He likes whatever is served to him. Naina thinks Vidhi doesn’t know him. Karan tells Vidhi that Naina’s life is changing too and she is returning to Bundi today itself. Meghna looks for Ms. Singhania and thinks to check other place. Naina thinks Karan is relaxed and happy and gets teary eyes. Karan asks what happened? Naina tells that something went in her eyes. She tells Vidhi that Karan is an introvert and asks about his bonding with her. Vidhi says they spend many years to build this bonding and went to tuition classes together also. Naina thinks to leave and wish them all the best. She gets up and starts walking.

Karan gets up from his chair and looks at Naina. He tells Vidhi that he will come in a second. Naina thinks about their marriage while leaving. Karan opens his umbrella and walks towards her. Naina thinks about Karan saying that the marriage is fake. She thinks Karan likes someone else and not me. She thinks about Sharda’s words and goes back. Karan gives chocolates to Vidhi. Vidhi says if you pamper me so much then I will spoil. She calls him karan bhai. Naina hears them and is shocked. Vidhi apologizes to Naina and says she is Khyati’s friend and tells Karan that she will not tell her anything. Meghna sees Mr. Jain. Karan asks Naina to listen to him. Naina asks what? If you think marriage is a joke and asks why you are making drama of my life, and playing games to kick me out of house. He says no….and steps back, falls in the swimming pool..calls Naina. Naina doesn’t hold his hand to stop him from falling in the water and walks away. Title song plays…

Meghna thinks now she will know who is Mr. Singhania….She then sees Sandhya and says so Maasi maa is Ms. Singhania. Sandhya thanks Mr. Jain. Jain says welcome. Sandhya says there will no participation of our company and limelight will be your company. She says I hope Meghna will forget her wish to work in the office and will not to factory being Chauhan’s bahu. Meghna hears her and is shocked.


Swabhimaan 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Naina makes sleeping place for her in storeroom. Karan comes and asks her to come to room, asks her not to make him feel guilty. Naina is still angry on him. Later Sandhya sees decorators making party arrangements and says there is no party here. Meghna comes and says she called them, says she is learning Chauhan’s traditions slowly and it is her responsibility now to make her rest and plan everything.

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