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Swabhimaan 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 7th April 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Naina seeing Karan teaching music to basti kids. She thinks what he is doing here. Karan asks kids what they have learnt today. Kid says that there is music in everything and asks karan to sing yesterday’s song. Karan plays the guitar and teaches kids patiently. Naina thinks she didn’t see this side of his. Oh Piya plays….Karan turns and looks at Naina, but she hides. She falls in love with him. Karan continues to teach the students. She recalls moments with him and how he saved her. Karan gives chocolates to kids. Kids get happy. Naina thinks Karan is very happy here, I have never seen him happy. A boy introduces chotu to Karan. Chotu forwards his hand for a handshake. Karan looks on. He shakes hand with umbrella. Naina thinks Karan made her part of his life and thanks him.

Karan sees her and asks why she is following him. Naina says I have seen that you are hiding your talent and says all kids want to learn from you. Karan says music is not his talent and says I hope God don’t make anyone like me, and says becoming like me is a sin. Naina says you are wrong and says you have to realize and have to love yourself. Vishal asks Sharda to change and goes to change his clothes. Sharda says okay. Vishnu stops her and says I know answer from you. Asha says we didn’t know that we have to keep an eye on mother also along with daughters. Sharda asks what happened? Vishnu says I told you not to ruin my old age and says until when I have to bend down my head. Sharda says you are thinking me wrong. Vishnu says they have seen news on TV. Sharda is shocked to see CM giving ring to her on news channel in a wrong way.

Kunal comes to room and sees Meghna planning a beautiful evening. He says he didn’t know that she is so romantic. Meghna says she did something good today and wants to share her happiness with him. Kunal says if you have done good work then you shall get prize. Meghna hugs him and says she is very happy today. She asks him to promise. Kunal says whatever you ask, you will get. Meghna says you didn’t hear the promise. Kunal says whatever you ask, my answer will be yes. Meghna asks him to love her always. Kunal says yes. He is about to burn his hand. Meghna stops him and says he is her real hero.

Sharda tells that CM got the ring and gave to her. Kalpana takes Sharda’s side and says our jiji can’t do this. She blames reporters for the mistake. She tells that girl’s name was Shweta. Asha thinks what happened to Kalpana today. Vishnu says but Sharda is shown with CM. Gopal also supports Vishnu. Sharda asks don’t you know and trusts me. Vishnu says pic is enough to know. Sharda tells about the press conference and tells that Vishal went with her. Asha asks her to go and meet CM, but not to take her son’s name. She tells Vishnu that she will throw his sister out without asking him. Vishnu is shocked. Gopal asks Sharda to try and understand them. Asha asks Sharda to be careful, and says one mistake and you will be thrown out. Kalpana asks what you are saying? Asha says if you support her then you have to go with you jiji.

Solanki calls Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore asks why did you call me. Solanki says I wants to apologize to you and thank you. He says you might have seen Sharda on TV and thanks him for giving money to Meghna to pay her debts. Nand Kishore says I didn’t give any money to her. Solanki says it seems your account is looted and asks him to go and check his account, and asks him to be careful with mum and daughters. Nand kishore says I know how to handle them and says Sharda’s reputation will be ruined and asks him to help him. Sandhya smiles.


Swabhimaan 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Nand kishore asks Nirmala why did she go to office. Meghna asks him to ask her. Nand kishore asks Meghna about 25 Lakhs rs. which she took to Bundi to repay Sharda’s debt. Kunal asks him not to talk to her like that. Nand Kishore asks him, if he knew about the money. Kunal is silent.

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