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Swabhimaan 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Pushpa’s conversation. Pushpa scolds Sandhya for her failed plan. Sandhya asks her to calm down. Sawri tells Pushpa that she thought to have food with her but…and scolds Sandhya for her failed plan. Sandhya tells that their rasams will happen at different places. Sawri tells that karan scolded him badly. Sandhya asks her not to lie and tells that Karan is good and I know his weak point. She tells that she will create a situation so that she gets to apply the uptan applied to Karan. Asha argues with Sharda and tells that Nand Kishore have given them Servant quarters and asks if he gave her special room. Sharda says no and says she will stay with them here. Vishnu asks Sharda not to argue with her. Asha tells that she came for her husband here, but have nothing to do with the marriage and it will be good if Nand kishore don’t come infront of her. Sandhya compliments Nirmala. Vishnu gives gift to Sharda. Sharda thanks him. Naina thinks Kunal loves meghna very much, and if the truth will affect their relation in any way. She thinks if she shall tell or stay silent.

Sharda applies haldi to Naina, followed by Asha and others. Rajastani song plays….Nirmala and Khyati are about to applied haldi to Karan. Nand Kishore comes and stops them and asks where is meghna, she shall apply haldi to her dewar. Dadaji says even Kunal is not here, why you are taking her name only. Nirmala says its ok. Sandhya says Nand kishore is right. Sandhya sends message to Sawri asking her to wait 10 mins more. Kunal applies haldi to Naina. Sharda asks Meghna if she applied haldi to Karan. Meghna says no. Sharda says you should have applied haldi to him first. Meghna says I don’t know about it. Dadaji tells khyati to apply haldi and says it seems Meghna will be late. Pushpa and Sawri get restless and asks Sandhya until when they have to wait. Sandhya asks them to have patience and not to question her.

Nand Kishore says we have seen this family’s sanskar. Kunal and Meghna comes there. Nand Kishore stops Meghna and asks where was she lost? He tells that the ritual is done and asks her to go back. He is about to close the door when Kunal comes and keeps hand stopping the door. He tells that they have relation with both bride and groom and have to be present at both sides, if Meghna can’t come here, then even I don’t have the right to enter. They walk inside the house. Karan smiles. Meghna applies haldi to karan. Karan asks Meghna if Naina and asks if she asked you about me. Meghna tells that I have seen that love and pain in your eyes, and says I am happy that she got life partner like you.

Sandhya checks the time in her watch and signs Sawri. Karan feels allergy reaction in his face because of the chemical mixed in haldi by Sandhya. Everyone get worried. Kunal says what happened? Dada ji gets worried. Nirmala asks Kunal to call doctor. Meghna also gets worried. Sandhya asks Karan to come with him and takes Karan with her, asks Sawri to come with him. Khyati comes searching for Vishal at bride’s side. Naina gets worried knowing about Karan feeling allergy. She sits up. Asha stops her and asks her to sit.


Swabhimaan 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina comes running there. Karan asks Sawri if she wants to become his friend. She smiles and they shake hands. Naina and Meghna are shocked.