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Swabhimaan 7th February 2017 Written Update


Swabhimaan 7th February 2017 Written Update and Swabhimaan 7th February 2017 video watch online

The Episode starts with Nirmala and Dada ji getting shock seeing two brides. Sandhya tells that Karan got married to Naina. Nirmala asks what? Dada ji asks her to welcome both the brides first. Nirmala asks someone to get the kalash first. Dada ji asks Nirmala to bring necklace for choti bahu. Nirmala goes. Sharda thinks she has trust on God and everything will be fine. Nirmala brings necklace and tells that she got it in her marriage. Khyati brings kalash and keeps on the door. Nirmala asks Meghna and Naina to step inside kicking the kalash and says you are grah lakshmi and will prosper the house. Nand Kishore asks her to teach them everything later and do ritual first. Meghna determines to break the house and tells that she will snatch their peace and prosperity. Naina thinks she will have no anger in her heart and will bring peace and happiness in the house.

Sharda asks God to protect her daughters. Naina kicks the kalash. Everyone see black grains or something in the kalash pot and are shocked. Dada ji scolds Khyati. He tells Pandit ji that few things needs to be cleared first and this is not the right moment. He then scolds Khyati and asks her to apologize to Naina. Khyati says sorry. Dada ji says I didn’t tell anything after seeing two bahus and asks Nand Kishore, why he brought two bahus when he gave him responsibility. He asks Sandhya, why she is not answering. Meghna tells Dada ji that she will answer. Everyone is shocked. Meghna says after my marriage is complete, Nand Kishore kept this condition that Naina have to marry Karan if they want her bidaai. Everyone is shocked.

Gopal and Vishnu are talking. Gopal says Vishal takes care of all small things at home. Asha comes and says my son will not do anything, as few people think him as their servant who will serve them drinks. Vishal asks Asha what she is saying? Kalpana says she is saying what she felt. Vishnu says Vishal is having responsibility and then only he will be respected. Asha says he was insulted in the marriage. Sharda says I have understood what you said and says I will never give any work to him. Nand Kishore says marriage can’t be solemnized due to any reason and there can’t be any conditions for marriage. Nand Kishore asks Dadaji that they got insulted and their bahu danced on a bad song. He says what I would have told you that their values are wrong. Dada ji says he can identify what is right values. He says when the matter came on Chauhan family, I couldn’t digest as Sharda’s bhabhi said that it is a sin to give daughter to Chauhan family. Dada ji says whatever you have done is wrong, I gave you one chance and you have ruined your name. Nand kishore says you have given me suffocated life.

Nand Kishore says you know….Sandhya asks him to come inside. Dada ji says I want to know why he is feeling suffocated and why I have went wrong and failed. Asha tells Vishal that they can open his dispensary with 15 lakhs rupees which he has, and tells that she will sell her jewellery. She says I will stay with you and asks him to bring money. Vishal is silent. Asha asks where is that 15 lakh rupees. Sharda asks if you have spent that money. Asha asks did you use that money in marriage. Nand Kishore says I have failed in your eyes just because I have taken a decision. He asks him to tell the truth infront of everyone.

Swabhimaan 8th February 2017 Written Update Precap : 

Sandhya asks Meghna to do puja of their kul devta and says your new life will start now. Meghna says everyone new life will start now.

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