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Swabhimaan 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya playing smart and tells Nirmala how Nand Kishore will react knowing Meghna separated Naina and Karan and Kunal is shifted to guest room. Nirmala asks her not to tell him. Kunal tells meghna that they shall find cure to Karan’s illness. Meghna says nobody could diagnose his illness and says she is thinking about her sister’s betterment and can’t leave her alone. Sandhya tells that husband and wife shall support each other in trouble times too, and says once Naina accused me for giving wrong medicines to Karan. She says you have become their mum, but they didn’t tell you about this.

Kunal tells Meghna that Naina and Karan love each other and says he saw love in their eyes. Meghna says Naina is helping Karan for humanity sake and asks who told you this and says you wants to save their relation. She says karan told me that he don’t love her. Meghna says before you fill this in anyone’s mind, I will separate them. Kunal says he couldn’t make her understand and thinks if everyone comes to know about this, then drama will happen. Sandhya asks Nirmala to talk to them. Nirmala says I don’t think they have done anything wrong and asks her to see from Meghna’s perspective. She says these sister never let the house break and whatever they will do, will be for house’s betterment. She says she bend down infront of Bau ji, but haven’t told anything to her mum. She says I am sure that they will handle even this well.

Karan is playing mouth organ and stops seeing Kunal. He asks if he is played badly and asks why did he come. Kunal says I came to apologise to you and says I used to think that you don’t like me. She says you must have thought that Dad always supported me, and I used to think that mum loves you more. He says sorry for teasing him always. Karan asks him not to show sympathy and say straight. Kunal says I came to tell you that you loves Naina. Karan says I am very happy that Bhabhi took Naina from here and I was trying so that naina can go, now I will live peacefully. Kunal says if you have been silent then it would be a good try to lie. He asks him to accept his love and opens the cupboard. He asks why other half side of almari is vacant and says I will keep clothes.

Karan says he will do. Kunal says I know you will not keep anything in this side as you are hopeful that Naina will return. He says there is a power in love and says you have celebrated holi with us, took participation in the contest and starting eating with everyone. He says you have done everything for naina. He says you can lie to meghna, argue with me, but this thing will not change that you both love each other. Kunal goes. Karan hears someone coming and takes Naina’s name. Nirmala asks why did you stand in dark and thinks how to enlighten his life, which Naina could do. Karan brings Veena and says he finds the music different. Nirmala says she will teach him. Naina hears the music and comes near his room, thinks of Meghna’s words.


Swabhimaan 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna thinks where is Naina and gets up. Naina and Karan are sitting on the swing. Naina says you played Veena well. Karan plays the mouth organ and they look at each other. Meghna sees them together.