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Swabhimaan 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Swabhimaan 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap :
Meghna thinks now she will know who is Mr. Singhania….She then sees Sandhya and says so Maasi maa is Ms. Singhania. Sandhya thanks Mr. Jain. Jain says welcome. Sandhya says there will no participation of our company and limelight will be your company. She says I hope Meghna will forget her wish to work in the office and will not to factory being Chauhan’s bahu. Meghna hears her and is shocked.

Swabhimaan 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Meghna hearing Sandhya talking to Mr. Jain and telling that Meghna’s wish will not last long and says being Chauhan’s bahu, she will not go to factory and work. Meghna is shocked and recalls Sandhya ordering them. She thinks you have made a joke of my mum’s dreams and you have to answer. Vishal tells Sharda that even Papa doesn’t want her to meet CM alone, and asks her to understand. She says CM is a good man, but people gossip about him. Sharda is shocked. Vishal says nobody knows what is true or not, but you will not go alone. Meghna’s phone rings. She picks the call and answers Sharda. Meghna asks did you call me? Sharda says no, may be call got connected by mistake. Meghna says she will call her later. Sharda asks if she has any trouble in office. Meghna says she

will handle it. Sharda asks her to take a decision with calm mind. Meghna promises her that she will take decisions after thinking and says I remember your teaching about a line, if a line is drawn infront of you, then you have to draw more big line than that, and tells that there is some hurdles for her here and she will solve all. Sharda says she is sure, she will. Sharda tells her that she will talk to her later and ends the call.
Naina recalls Vidhi thanking Karan for chocolates and milk shakes and calling him Bhai. She washes her face and says I thought I will get answers from him, but now he will see a different Naina. She thinks Karan is unhappy with this marriage, and is ready to lie to get rid of it. She thinks it is easy for him, but I can’t go anywhere and have no way. She cries. Meghna comes and asks why she is sitting in dark. Naina says she was walking, got tired up and that’s why thought to sit for sometime. She asks can I sit on your lap? Meghna asks her to sit. Naina sits on her lap. Meghna asks if everything is fine between karan and her, and says I will talk to him. Naina asks her to trust her and says she will make everything fine. Meghna asks her not to stay silent and come to her whenever needed. Naina nods.

Meghna tells that Sharda talked to her and said good thing. She says if we think with calm mind then we will find answers soon and gives line example. Naina says it is strange that Mamma is not with us, but seems like she is with us. Meghna tells that she has to make her senior taught something. Naina asks him not to take decisions angrily. Meghna says we have to make someone realize mistakes so that they don’t do it with others. Kunal comes. Naina asks him to sit and goes. Kunal asks what she is talking? Meghna tells about office problem. He says I am with you, and tells that office politics is a dirty thing. Meghna says she will solve it herself. Kunal asks her not to bear if anyone try to make her feel down, says he is always with her. Meghna thanks him.

Karan wakes up in his room and wonders where is Naina? He thinks if she left and goes to store room. He finds her sleeping there…….He thinks she is sleeping here because of me….and looks at her. Oh Piya….plays…..He looks at her. Alarm rings. She wakes up. Karan asks her to come to room and asks her not to make him feel guilty. Naina tells him that the lie was not needed. She goes from there. Karan thinks even though he lied, but he is not a liar and lied to her as he couldn’t tell her truth. Police comes to Vishnu’s house and tells Sharda that the thieves are caught and they found the bag with them. Kalpana thinks Police is clever.

Inspector says thieves said that money was stolen from here. Sharda says no…Asha says if thieves said then this might be true. Vishal takes the bag. Sharda thinks she has seen this bag before and recalls Sujan Singh sending similar bag. She thinks Kalpana took bag to room and thinks to ask her later. Kalpana is tensed and thinks to handle the matter somehow. Vishnu asks from where this money come from? Kalpana tells Sharda that Sujan Singh’s driver gave this bag to us, but we forgot due to marriage, humiliation and drama. Vishnu asks Vishal to open the bag and check the money. Vishal opens the bag and tells him that the money is 20-25 lakhs. Everyone looks on surprised.

Sandhya sees party arrangements at home and wonders what is happening here. She tells the organizers that there is no party or function here. Meghna comes and says she called them here, and says I know these people organize Chauhan’s party. She says we wanted to keep this as a surprise for you, and says whenever there is a big party here, responsibility was on you and I thought you shall be relieved from it. She says I know it is not easy to manage the arrangements and says she kept party according to Chauhan’s status.


Swabhimaan 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada ji tells that they have kept this party for Meghna, and asks her to go out and see the surprise outside.

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