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Swabhimaan 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya cleaning Karan’s face. She thinks he will feel irritation so that Sawri can get what she wants. Sandhya goes. Sawri touches his face and applies uptan on her face from his face. Karan sees her and is shocked. She says Sandhya went to get his medicine.. Naina thinks about Karan and gets worried. Sawri pretends to cry and says you are very good and says nobody talks to me properly as I am black. I didn’t get my mum’s love or any friend. I just got taunts. Karan tells that everyone is not like that. Sawri says she has understood now. Naina comes running there. Sawri says I thought you are the first and last man who didn’t make fun of me, I used to sit in room while closing light and says she is afraid of darkness. Karan recalls his troubled life before Naina comes in his life. Sawri says she don’t want to come here, but Pushpa dragged her here. She asks him to go before anyone teases her. Karan thinks about Nand kishore taunts. Sawri thinks this attack/act will not go waste.

Naina comes running there.. Karan switches off lights and says when I switches off lights, what did you do. Sawri says she came out of room. Karan says don’t make your weakness covered in darkness and asks her to come infront of light. Sawri says nobody will become my friend and asks him not to give her false hopes. Karan says he understands her pain, as he went through similar thing and made me come out of darkness today. He praises Naina. Sawri is irritated. Naina asks Meghna how is Karan. Meghna says he is fine and tells that Sandhya took him to clean the uptan. Karan says I can become your friend and help you. He asks if you will become my friend. Sawri smiles and turns to him. Naina and Meghna come there and see Karan shaking hand with Sawri. Naina runs to him and hugs him. Karan says I am fine, just felt some irritation. Sawri says he is fine, I was there with him. I have washed his face, hands etc. Meghna asks Karan to come. Karan asks Sawri to come with him.

Dada ji asks Sharda why did he feel irritation. Sharda says sometimes it happen. Nirmala is worried for Karan. Sandhya comes and says he is fine. Kunal asks Nirmala not to cry and hugs her, saying he don’t want to see tears in his mum’s eyes. Sandhya looks on jealous.

Vishal asks Naina to be around karan so that he stays fine. Sawri signs Sandhya. Pushpa says first rasam is incomplete. Nirmala says rasam will be completed and asks Meghna to apply Gulab jal to Karan and complete the rasam. Karan asks Meghna can Sawri do this rasam. Sawri says me. Karan says why not? Sawri applies gulab jal to him. Dada ji tells Sharda that Sawri is Pushpa’s daughter and she is Nirmala’s childhood friend.. Naina, Meghna and Nirmala are shocked. Dada ji tells that first rasam is completed. Sandhya thinks Sawri have done wonder. Dada ji tells about Deep maha
utsav tomorrow. Naina gets jealous and goes from there. Karan thinks she is upset with him and thinks to see her angry avatar.

Karan comes to Naina. Naina says she messaged 15 mins back. Karan says he has applied eye drops in his eyes and then Sawri asked for help. Naina asks since when he becomes her friend and asks if she is jealous of Sawri. He clicks her pics. Just then he receives Sawri’s message and reads it. Naina looks on upset.


Swabhimaan 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina and Karan are about to do deep diya rasam, when Sawri lights her dupatta on fire and shouts for help. Karan holds her and jumps in the pond with her. Everyone is shocked. Meghna thinks rasam is left incomplete.