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Swabhimaan 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Meghna thinking about her conversation with Dada ji. A fb is shown. Dada ji says he will ask Sandhya to organize the party. Meghna says she wants to organize the party with a proper planning like Sandhya, and says she has seen that Sandhya maasi maa never enjoy party due to the arrangement responsibility. Dada ji gives her responsibility. Fb ends. Dada ji tells Sandhya that Meghna asked me to give her party responsibility so that you and Nirmala don’t be burden with work. Meghna says she is learning their customs slowly and it is her responsibility to think about their comfort.

Gopal tells Sharda that the money is 25 lakhs. Sharda says she wants to return the money and asks if he could go and return the money. Gopal says he can’t go because of Nand kishore and refuses.

Asha brings tea for Sharda. Sharda thinks Asha has forgotten the past happenings. Asha tells Sharda that she called contractor for Vishal’s dispensary. Sharda tells that she don’t have money right now. Asha asks her to give money from Sujan Singh’s money. Sharda says it is Dada ji’s money, how can I take it? Asha says just as you have taken money from my son and says she needs 15 Lakhs right now. Sharda is shocked.

Sandhya says she is glad to see her concern, but this is not ordinary bundi party, but lavish Chauhan’s party and you will have difficulty in organizing high profile party. Meghna says you said right that I haven’t learnt that, but came to know from you that the party needs to be lavish. She says she called her designer. Sandhya says she don’t want any drama to happen regarding party dress, specially Khyati dress. Meghna says Naina has a special idea of Khyati dress. Naina comes. Meghna tells her that she talked to Dada ji and got the work. She says they will do all the arrangements, and asks her to rest till then. Sandhya angrily asks servant to bring her black coffee. Meghna tells her that coffee is not good for health and reminds that once she said that everyone drinks green tea in Chauhan’s house. She says your green tea will be sent to your room.

Sharda asks Asha to have trust on her and says she will make arrangements for money. Asha says if you are not going money to us now, then you will never give. She takes money bag forcibly and refuses to return. Sharda is helpless.

Nirmala tells Sandhya that the new generation is doing their work nicely and took all the responsibility. She says it feels good. Nand Kishore comes and asks Sandhya if she has done his work. He then sees Meghna and Naina in kitchen and asks about the party. Sandhya says I want to talk to you. Just then they hear Dada ji calling everyone. He tells that he is giving party as Meghna is working in office and asks do you know who is coming here. Vishnu comes and tells Asha that this is wrong and tells that Sharda never compromises with her values and never flows in emotions seeing her advantage. He says this is wrong. Asha says you and your sister talk about values and says what matters is duniya daari/practicality and not honesty. He returns bag to Sharda.

Dada ji tells Meghna that CM is coming here to meet Meghna and to wish her as he couldn’t attend their marriage. Sandhya says party should be grand. Dada ji says he has trust on his bahus.

During breakfast, Nand Kishore goes and sits beside Dada ji, says he wants to have food with him. Dada ji gets emotional and happy and asks Nirmala to serve him food, and that too Rajasthani. Nand Kishore says sure. Sandhya wonders what happened to Nand Kishore. Dada ji asks Meghna and Naina to call Kunal and Karan. Nand Kishore says whatever happened during marriage, and says we shall end the distance between Bundi and Jaipur people. Dada ji says I didn’t understand. Nand Kishore says something. Dada ji says he is very happy and and asks him to invite his samdhis for party.

In the party, Meghna looks for Kunal and tells Naina that he didn’t come till now and she doesn’t know how to react. Naina says he will come and asks her not to get ready. Dada ji addresses to the guests and media and praises Meghna. He says she is the MD of Paras and sons. Everyone claps for her. Dada ji asks Meghna to go out and see the surprise which is waiting for her. They come out. Kunal tells Meghna and Naina that he will see their expressions on seeing surprise. Nand Kishore opens the car’s door. Sharda steps down from car. Ek Shringar Swabhimaan plays…..Meghna and Nain are happy.


Swabhimaan 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Karan shows the show piece to Meghna and Naina and says CM will like it. Showpiece stops. Meghna says he might be coming. Nand Kishore asks Sharda to convince CM for the project land else her daughters will be in trouble. Sharda is shocked.

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