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Swabhimaan 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Karan clapping seeing Naina accepting jewellery as gift from Nand Kishore. He says he didn’t love even Kunal this much and we thought he is his favorite. He says you might be happy today. Naina asks him to understand her situation and says even my sister went from this house, and asks she is standing at the same place for where she started and asks until when she has to win his trust.

Sandhya asks Karan to take up office responsibility and asks about the meeting. Karan says he didn’t know. Papa asked him to sign and he signed on it. He says some property papers, may be of chittorgarh. Sandhya is shocked and asks him to tell her daily about his office update, so that she can help him. She thinks Karan is her old weapon against Chauhans. Sharda thinks about Naina and Meghna wishing her on her birthday from their respective college hostels. A fb is shown, Naina and Meghna call her and wish her happy birthday through conference call.

Sharda waits for Naina and Meghna’s call and thinks if there is a problem in network. Naina thinks may be Meghna is talking to mamma and thinks to call later. Meghna also thinks same and don’t call Sharda. Kunal asks her to call Sharda. Meghna calls Sharda and wishes her happy birthday. Naina’s call comes. Sharda tells that she will take her on conference call. Meghna refuses and says she will talk to her later. Sharda picks Naina’s call and she wishes her happy birthday. Kunal and Karan call on conference call and wish Sharda. Naina and Meghna think to make something for Sharda. They reminisces happier times. Sharda thinks to give Naina and Meghna’s chocolate to Sawri. She comes to her and sees Sawri writing Chauhan’s on wall. She splashes water on the wall. Sawri says I know why you brought me here to keep me away from my daughters. Sharda says whoever digs land for someone, falls in the trap. She says you need to learn so much and gives her chocolate. Match maker gives proposal for Khyati’s wedding. Nand kishore asks him to give photo and all the details. Naina comes and tells that she wants to go and wish Sharda on her birthday. Nand Kishore don’t want her to go. Dada ji asks her to get ready and says when I said that they are going, it means they are going. Nand Kishore gives gifts to Naina for Sharda.

Vishal tells Vishnu that he made arrangements for the birthday. Vishnu says he ordered samosas etc. Sharda asks why did you do this? Vishnu says it is your birthday. Asha tells Kalpana that Vishnu hardly remembers her birthday. Sawri hears them and thinks to gift something to sharda and plans evil.

Vaibhav tells that Meghna and kunal came. Naina and Karan also comes. Kunal and Karan have a hug. Meghna ignores Naina and goes to meet Sharda. Asha taunts meghna and asks why her car is small. Asha says raja bhoj and gangu teeli, both are here. Meghna feels humiliated.


Swabhimaan 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sawri tells that Naina brought big cake. Sharda asks Meghna to keep the cake brought by her. Sawri pushes Meghna using Naina and her cake falls. Meghna looks angrily.

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