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Swabhimaan 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Karan messages sorry message to Naina. Meghna tells Kunal that Sawri is always sticking to Karan and asks him to try to distract her. Kunal says don’t forget you are sending me to her. Dada ji asks Sharda about Asha. Asha says she is resting. Dada ji says all dishes are desi here, we will get chance to have this food. Nand Kishore asks Gopal about office work and asks if he gave file to Gupta. Gopal says he will give soon. Nand kishore scolds him. Dada ji says he is Sharda’s brother. Nand Kishore reminds Gopal that he is his employee and shall work to get salary. Meghna brings file and asks Nand Kishore to give his pen. She tells Gopal that Naina’s marriage and work, both are important and asks him to ask for leave and asks Nand Kishore to cut his salary.

She writes the application and gets his sign. Swabhimaan song plays..Dada ji says you did right. Meghna asks Gopal to have breakfast. Sandhya tells Meghna that both sisters are clever and asks what she thought. Sawri says she don’t show trailer and straight dhamaka. Naina is getting ready. Sawri comes and sits there to get ready. Meghna asks what is this misbehavior and says Naina is bride. Sawri says she is already beautiful and don’t need to get ready. She sits to get ready and thinks she will be in Karan’s embrace.

Dada ji explains to everyone about Deep puja impressing God Shani. Sawri comes to Karan and says it is fun as everyone is listening to Dada ji. She tries to get closer to him and touches his shoulder. Naina gets upset. Kunal comes to Sawri and asks how she is feeling here. Karan goes and sits with Naina. Sawri thinks how to go to Karan and plans something big. Sandhya asks Pushpa what Sawri is doing with Kunal.

Karan holds Naina hand as she gets ready for Puja. She is upset with him. Karan says I can’t hurt you, just teasing you. He apologizes. Kunal tries to divert Sawri. Sawri says she will be back and goes. Karan asks Naina to talk to him, scold him or shout or get angry on him. She holds his ears and then make him hold her ears. Sawri comes there. Naina says I did a mistake by getting angry and says may be I am thinking my right is on you. Karan says you have right on me. Sawri gets upset, burns her dupatta with diya, just before they were keeping the diya on the water. She shouts for help. Karan runs towards her and jumps with her in the water.. Naina is shocked.

Sawri smiles and signs at Pushpa. Pushpa and Sandhya smiles. Karan bring her out of water. He says everything is fine. Sawri says she is scared. Sandhya thinks daughter is more clever than mother. Naina asks Karan to keep her down and asks Karan if he is fine. Sawri says she is scared and hugs Karan again even after Naina covering blanket on her. Sawri thinks she doesn’t know what is more enjoyable, Naina’s sad face or Karan’s embrace.


Swabhimaan 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nirmala slaps Sawri for trying to snatch Karan from Naina and tells that nobody can separate them. Naina tells Nirmala that she knows her secret. Nirmala tells her that she will tell her all truth.