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Swabhimaan 9th February 2017 Written Update


Swabhimaan 9th February 2017 Written Update and Swabhimaan 9th February 2017 video watch online

The Episode starts with Naina and Karan searching ring. Naina thinks they shall have friendship first. Karan stands up and the milk bowl falls on Naina’s feet. Meghna gets up being concerned and asks if she is fine. Naina says she is fine. Sandhya asks why she is overreacting and asks her to wear ghunghat properly. Dada ji asks are you fine. Naina says yes. Dada ji says Naina has won and asks his grand sons to get ready to be ruled by their wives. Later he calls Sharda and says he is feeling guilty. Sharda asks him not to feel guilty. Dada ji says I had assured you few things, but that didn’t happen, but now I am assuring you that your daughters will stay happily here. Sharda thanks him. Dadaji asks her to call him often. Sharda thinks Dada ji will take care of her daughters.

Nirmala tells Naina that she thought to talk to her daughter. Naina says everyone is here and she is feeling at her home. Nirmala tells her that Karan takes time to make friends and tells that although he is clean hearted guy…but…She says I want to tell you something about him and says he has no bad habit or any defects, but….Sandhya hears her and makes something falls down to stop Nirmala. She says Dada ji is calling you. Nirmala says we will talk later.

Sandhya asks her not to tell anything to Naina now as Karan might overheard them. Nirmala tells that she shall know being Karan’s wife. Sandhya says I already told her and she has no problem. Nirmala asks really. Sandhya says she will meet Bhai Saheb about tomorrow’s puja and thinks she will tell her some day that she is innocent.

Sandhya comes to Meghna and asks if she thinks she is still in Bundi, and says this is Chauhan’s house and you are in his house. She asks her to wear ghunghat and tells about Kul Devta’s puja at 7 pm sharp tomorrow. Naina thinks what Nirmala wanted to tell me about Karan and thinks whom to ask. Sandhya tells that Naina have to attend the puja also, and tells her that Naina is her devrani here and she is her jethani. She asks her to behave like jethani and not as sister. Meghna looks on angry. Sandhya says congratulations for your new life. Meghna thinks today it will be new life for everyone.

Naina talks to Karan’s pic and thinks to apologize to him for teasing him before. Meghna determines to break them and says she will start tomorrow during kul devta’s puja.

Karan comes to his room and asks how dare you to use my washroom. He calls her Ms. Naina Badtameez and says nobody has the right to enter my washroom. Naina says I know why you are saying this. Karan thinks it seems Maa told her everything about me. Naina asks if he is saying this as he is angry with her. Karan thinks she doesn’t know anything. Naina says you was always my Didi’s dewar, and apologizes to him for teasing him and his umbrella. He says because of my stupidity, you don’t like me. She says you are now my husband and says I want to apologize to you for my every mistake. Meghna thinks about Naina and thinks to talk to her in the morning.

Kunal comes to his room, thinks Meghna is upset, and calls her Mrs. topper chauhan. Meghna looks at him. Naina tells Karan that she believes on their relation and vows….Karan asks what you are talking about rounds and vows, do you think it is real? He says nothing will happen between us.

Swabhimaan 10th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Kunal gives a gift to Meghna and says I love you. Meghna thinks she is not the same Meghna who was waiting to hear his I love you. Naina cries as Karan refuses to accept her as his wife. Meghna tells Kunal that they shall do something different on their wedding night and go out on a drive with him.

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