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Swabhimaan 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Meghna blaming herself for Naina and Karan’s marriage. Naina asks her to stop blaming herself and says they got married and have seven rounds together. She says Mamma is happy in Bundi. Meghna says we can’t turn our face from the truth, and says if he touches you then you will get infection. She says he can’t hold your hand even to pacify you. She says Mamma gave me Saraswati idol so that I can take decisions patiently with calm mind. She tells that there is no future of this betrayal. Naina thinks how to make her understand that Karan tried to freed her from the marriage and that’s why opened the ghatbandhan. Meghna says that marriage was forced on you and says today I am giving this idol to you so that you can take decision wisely. Naina thinks about her moments with Karan.

Naina thinks she never thought if she loves him or not. She says she is with Karan as she understands him and says she doesn’t know if this relation is of husband and wife or of friendship and asks God to help her and decide. Sandhya gets a call. Blackmailer asks her to pay the price for hiding the secret. Sandhya is shocked.

Naina sees Karan coming and asks where did you go? He keeps tissue on his mouth and says he went to meet kids and says he needs her help. Karan gives surgical mask to Naina. Naina asks if we will talk like this. Vishal tells Meghna that Karan’s illness is not air borne. Naina tells him that nothing will happen to her. Vishal says if I had any doubt then Naina’s life is in danger then he would have suggested her to take precautions. Kunal asks Meghna not to do anything wrong with Naina while trying to protect her. Vishal says he is going to Bundi and asks Kunal to take care of her.

Karan tells Naina that he has chosen courses for the kids. Naina says I am really proud of you. Karan smiles. Nirmala sees them and tells Sandhya that nobody can separate them, and says their hearts are related. Sandhya thinks she don’t have much time and says if they come together like this then. Kunal comes and says bye to them. Sandhya gets blackmailer call again. Nirmala asks her to pick the call. Sandhya says somebody is troubling her for interview. She goes to room and talks seeing Jharoka. She says don’t worry, I will hurt Naina and Karan to separate them. She gets blackmailer’s message asking her to come to Chittorgarh.

Sandhya thinks to make them separate before going and goes to Nand Kishore. She tells Nand Kishore that she is going to Chittorgarh to meet her aunt. Nand Kishore offers help. Sandhya then tells him that Meghna has separated Karan and Naina and shifted her to her room. She says she is worried about Kunal and karan. Nand Kishore asks what happened? Sandhya takes him to storeroom and shows that Kunal is sleeping in store room. Nand Kishore gets angry and asks her to call them. Sandhya says they are doing this because of their values. She asks him to call Sharda and talk to her. He agrees. Sandhya thinks to go and meet the blackmailer.

Nand kishore calls Sharda and says he needs to talk to her and asks her to bring her stuff and says you need to stay here. Sharda says stuff. Nand Kishore asks her not to inform her daughters and says he wants to see their happiness. Sharda says ok and is worried thinking what could be the matter.


Swabhimaan 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand kishore welcomes Sharda and says he will take her to guest room. Meghna thinks Kunal is in the guest room. Nand Kishore tells Sharda that Kunal is staying in small guest room leaving his own room. Sharda is shocked.