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Swabhimaan 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Dadi stylish Anju’s hairs. Anju asks her to handle with care. Dadi asks her to care for her hairs like her. Anju asks where Sonu and Vinod are going? Papa ji says Jiggy must be sending them to America or Russia. Dadi reminisces her first date. Anju tells her that she met Kanno’s papa in the hospital. She says he held my hand. Papa ji gets irked and asks when Vinod is taking Sonu. Vinod hears them and thinks what to say. Sonu comes and gives costly hair oil to Dada ji brought from Ahmedabad. Kammo and Dadi ask where she is going on a date. Sonu says it is a secret and I will not tell anyone. Vinod comes and says he has taken off tomorrow as they met for the first day on that day. Sonu says I forgot. Vinod asks what do she wants?

Dada ji tells that CM must be coming and ask to bring the gift for him. Meghna asks Naina where is the gift? Naina says Karan is bringing. Karan brings it and shows the horse showpiece. He says there is unique thing about it and plugs the wire. Horse showpiece moves, but stops suddenly. Meghna says what we will do now. Sandhya scolds Meghna for not checking the gifts before hand, and calls her careless. She says that’s why I told you that it is not easy to handle Chauhan’s responsibility.

Nand Kishore comes to Sharda and asks what she is doing alone. He calls waiter and asks him to give special drink to Sharda. Sharda says she is very happy to get respect from them. Nand Kishore asks her to sit and says CM is coming here, as Dada ji invited him. He says you was trying to meet him in Bundi, but today you can meet him. He asks her to tell him that they have not done any mistake during marriage. Sharda thinks about Vishal telling that CM’s reputation is bad. Nand Kishore thinks that he is giving her respect for this. Sharda is tensed. Nand Kishore says we have resolved the issues, but CM is still stuck about it. He says we can’t ruin your daughters’ lives and says even Kunal’s dream will be broken. He asks Sharda to convince CM for the land. Just then someone informs that CM came. Nand Kishore asks Sharda to come.

CM comes. Reporter asks why he is not seen frequently. CM tells poetry and says he became useless due to love etc etc. Nand Kishore welcomes CM and introduces Sharda to him. CM forwards his hand for the hand shake. Sharda recalls Vishal’s words and says Namaste with folded hands. CM also folds his hand and greets her. Dada ji comes and welcomes him. CM greets him. Dada ji says she is…..CM eyes her and says Sharda ji and says Nand Kishore introduced her. Dada ji says she is from Bundi and have given good education to her daughters then they can make their own place anywhere. Sharda says you always give me respect. CM tells that Bundi is proud of her and talks about girls’ education and tells Dada ji that people respects him because of his thinking. Dada ji asks Naina to bring CM’s gift. Meghna asks Karan to bring it. Karan tells that he asked some guys to repair it. Meghna is shocked.

Dada ji calls Meghna and asks her to bring gift. Meghna is shocked. Sandhya thinks it will be fun now and asks her to give gift. She says you have taken responsibility and now all family members will be ashamed and insulted because of you. Karan says it was his mistake. Sandhya says she will tell Dada ji that CM will go with best wishes from here today. She says that’s why I tell that it is not everyone’s cup of tea to handle responsibility. She goes to Dada ji and says actually….Naina comes and gives bouquet to CM. He thanks her. Dada ji asks her to show the gift. Naina shows the horse showpiece. CM says it is beautiful. Sandhya asks Naina to make it move. Naina plugs it and it moves. Sandhya is shocked and wonders how they can repair it. Meghna is thankful to Naina. Nand Kishore asks Sandhya to come. Sharda thinks how I will talk to him.


Swabhimaan 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sharda requests CM to pass the land for Bharat Industries project. She asks him to do it for Bundi’s people and not for her daughters. CM refuses. Later Nand Kishore gets angry on Sharda and asks what did CM say? Sharda says it is not suitable to discuss here.

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