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Swabhimaan 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaana 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nand Kishore asking Dada ji to tell if he did right or wrong? Dada ji says I asked karan to bring kids here, and says you have always complained with me. He says everyone can’t be wrong about you and asks him to mend his ways. He asks Naina to take Karan to his room. Karan goes to his room with tears in his eyes. He recalls Nand Kishore’s words. Sandhya comes to him and says I am sorry Karan, it was my mistake, I couldn’t save you today. She says if I had been there, this must not happened? She says I promise this will not happen again and asks him not to do such things which upset nand kishore. She says you would have talked to him, and he would have got happy. She insults him and tells that Nand Kishore buys everything for you and have never told you that he is favoring on him, and asks him not to do such things again. Naina comes and says this is not right. Sandhya gets up. Naina says whatever Karan did was right and says he tried to help children and tried to change their lives, there could be nothing better than this.

Sandhya says ofcourse, but you are new in this house and says I know how he get affected when nand kishore scold him. Naina says Dada ji permitted him to bring kids here. Karan says maasi maa said right, she has saved me always. He says I would have taken his permission and forgot my value, I forgot that even my clothes is costly than my life. Sandhya says everyone of us love you a lot. Karan goes. Sandhya thinks her work is done. Naina thinks we can’t lose strength and sees karan making sketch of Nand kishore and kunal, while he is standing far. Tu Pyaar Hai plays….Meghna comes there and says she was surprised when she saw the kids performing on stage, and says everyone smile was good. She says you don’t have to hide your sight when you are not wrong. She says I am sure that kids will understand and says we all are with you. N

aina comes and says Di is right and tells that Karan have a strong friendship with kids. She calls kids. Sameer’s mum scold him and says our kids were crying since they came, and tells that our sons don’t steal anything, and have respect for you. She asks him not to come and ends the call. Meghna says she is angry now and that’s why told this. Karan asks them to leave him alone. Naina says Karan. Karan says not now. Meghna and Naina leaves. Karan closes the door. Meghna asks him not to get sad. Naina hugs her and cries, says she can’t see Karan in this condition. She says those kids understand Karan well than his family. She says he used to be happy and smiling with those kids. She says I thought Karan’s confidence will get stronger now. Meghna says his confidence can’t break as you are with him. She gets Sandhya’s call and goes.

Naina asks Karan to open the door and says whatever you were doing was right ad that’s why Dada ji gave you permission, and says whatever maasi maa told was wrong and tells that you don’t need to ask anyone as this is your home also. Karan opens the door and asks her not to tell anything against Sandhya. He says she is the one only who never taunt me and saved me from others taunt and bitter ones. He says I stop my feet as I don’t want to hurt her. Naina says why do you think that you will fall down. Karan says he is always stopped by the light and says it is my karma, and asks her not to connect it with Sandhya. She thinks I have seen her two faces, her concern and also saw her stopping him. She comes to Sandhya’s room and thinks to search. She checks in her room and opens the cupboard. She sees Jharoka like in her cupboard and wonders what is it?


Swabhimaan 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina is about to see the thing. Sandhya comes and stops her. Naina asks her to help her and make Karan open the door. Sandhya refuses to help her. Naina looks on.

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