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Swabhimaan & Dil Se Dil Tak [ Maha Sangam ] 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan & Dil Se Dil Tak [ Maha Sangam ] 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina waiting for Teni outside the restaurant. Parth is already inside the restaurant. Sharda prays to God and asks him to give strength to Naina and Meghna so that they can overcome the problems, so that they have happiness ahead. Phupha ji informs Shorvori if she is sure that she wants to file police complaint and says lets search him till tomorrow… Shorvori says she can’t wait any longer and worries for parth. He says ok, we will file Police complaint. Karan and Teni’s cab is stopped at the checkpost. Teni asks where is the Jaipur Red restaurant. Karan says it is nearby. Teni says she will go by walk and gets down the cab.

Inspector gets the message from the control room about the bomb blast and asks them to reach on the place. Shorvori and the man asks him to search Parth. He assures them and goes.

Naina sees fire broking out in the restaurant and sees a girl trapped inside. She thinks she has to save the girl anyhow.

Teni comes to the place and asks what is happening here. Man says fire broke out here. Teni thinks how she can go without taking her phone and thinks if Naina is stuck inside. She prays to God to save Naina and others. Naina goes inside and gets the girl. Parth is also in the restaurant. Karan comes there seeing fire and gets down the car. Parth also saves the child. Karan calls Police and asks him to reach there. Inspector says we are reaching there. Karan sees someone (Naina) trying to keep the girl to safety, and didn’t see Naina. He thinks he has to save the girl anyhow. He covers his hands and saves the little girl, but Naina is stuck in the fire. He coudn’t see her face. Teni calls Naina and asks where are you? Naina says I am fine and is coming. Teni thanks God and says she is fine, once I get my phone, I will search parth. Shorvori calls Parth. Parth says he will call later and tells that some accident happen and he is stuck. Shorvori is shocked. She tells Phupha ji how we will search him.

Shorvori tries to find the location of Parth. Naina coughs and is about to fall down. Parth asks are you alright and says lets go. Naina says fire is there in all exit door. Teni calls her. Naina says she is trying to come. Parth asks Naina to come and says he found a way. Naina and Parth comes out, but falls in the dry well. Teni looks for Naina. Naina says sorry to Parth and says you are trapped because of me. Parth asks her not to apologize. They introduce each other. Naina says we are badly trapped. Parth says we have to get out from here. He asks do you have phone. She says my phone battery is dead. Shorvori shows the location. Phuphu ji says it is the same location which Inspector told. Teni thinks she can’t go without her phone and calls Naina. Kunal and Meghna come to Naina’s house. Kunal checks the house and says she is not here. Meghna thinks Naina don’t want to see her. Naina prays to God to make her see Karan’s face for the last time. Karan jumps on the fire. Shorvori calls Meghna and tells her that Parth is stuck in the fire in Jaipur red restaurant.

Teni thinks how she will call Naina now. She thinks if Shorvori returns home before me then it will be a problem. Parth shouts for help. Shorvori comes running there and cries for Parth. Teni sees her and thinks Parth is in the same hotel. She thinks about her dream and thinks that was true and phone exchange was to bring her near Parth. Shorvori cries. Phupha ji asks her to think about her baby. Parth shouts. Naina asks him not to shout else he will need more oxygen. Teni searches for parth and promises her baby that she will find his Papa. Shorvori searches for Parth. Teni hides her face. Parth recalls buying whistle from an old man and thinks to whistle to make himself heard. He plays the whistle. Teni hears his voice and asks where are you. Parth tells Naina that his wife Shorvori came and they will be saved now. He says he is inside.

Teni sees him inside and gathers people shouting for help. Shorvori and Karan search Parth inside. Someone throws the rope. Naina asks Parth to go first. Parth comes up. He asks the people to search Naina. Teni asks are you fine and hugs him. Parth asks how did you come here? Teni says I will tell you later, asks him not to tell anything to Shorvori and says now she has to leave. Shorvori comes and hugs PArth. Karan jumps inside the well to save Naina without knowing she is inside. Naina takes his name as she gets unconscious. He holds her and tries to climb up the rope. Music plays….He don’t see her face as people surround her.

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