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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Thapki that she has won even though she has lost and you have lost even though you have won. She asks her to cry for her husband and daughter all life. Thapki tells her that good people never loses and tells that you have proved that bad people never changes and asks her to look at her cunning face and says nothing is left for you. She says one day Bihaan and my daughter will return, this is my faith, but you will yearn for a relation, you will not have husband or child with you and curses her. Suman gives water to Vasu. Vasu drinks water and cries. Suman asks her to take care and says I don’t know what is happening in our house. Balwinder says Bani is in shock since Bihaan died. Suman says why did Bani go against Thapki. Vasu thinks why didn’t she return.

She gets Thapki’s call.Thapki tells her that Bani left in some bus and I couldn’t stop her. Vasu says she is a little girl. Thapki shouts for help then. Vasu asks what is happening. Tina asks what happened? Vasu tells her that Thapki will return in sometime and asks Suman to take Tina inside. Balwinder asks what happened to Bani. Vasu tells what Thapki said to her. She says something is wrong for sure. Balwinder and Dhruv go to search Bani and Thapki. Vasu prays for them.

Dhruv, Vasu, Balwinder are searching Thapki on the bus stand. Vasu finds Thapki’s mobile on road side and tells that she is in trouble. She shows her phone to the passerby and shows Thapki’s pic asking if they saw her. She cries when nobody identifies her. Vasu says Bihaan has left, if anything happens to Thapki then what I will do. Balwinder asks her to control on her emotions and says we will file Police complaint. Some goons kidnap Thapki and take her to some factory like place. They make her smell chloroform. Thapki faints. They tie her and leaves. Tina sees the dream and wakes up shockingly. Suman says your mamma is fine. Suman asks her to think good and says your mamma will never go and will overcome all trouble and get back to you. She hugs her. Tina cries.

Balwinder tells Inspector that Thapki and Bani are both missing. Inspector says it is not proved that she is kidnapped and says Bani went with her wish. Vasu says I heard Thapki’s voice on phone. Inspector says we will search her and tells that they have a way to search them but needs money for that. Vasu asks him to take as much money as possible. Inspector tells that they will get their pic posted in the newspaper and will declare the prize money for the person informing about them. Tina comes and asks Vasu to call Thapki. Suman says she will come soon. Vasu recalls her moments with Bani, Bihaan and Thapki…and cries. Tina also cries for her sister. Dedo na Phirse wahi…Thapki song plays……

Later Vasu gets a call from someone asking her to come to the place (where the goons have kept Thapki captive) without informing police and to get the money. Vasu gets the money and thinks she will not inform anyone at home and will go alone. She comes to the place where Thapki is kept captive. She asks if anyone is here and says you called me here for Thapki. She is shocked to see Thapki’s pics there and then Thapki and Bihaan’s pic. She asks who is here? Shraddha comes there. Vasu is shocked. Shraddha smiles. Vasu asks you are here? Shraddha says I called you here. Vasu says some man called me.

Shraddha says I called you here and shows her phone, tells that she has downloaded an app which changes woman’s voice in man’s voice. Vasu is shocked. Shraddha sees the money bag and says you have brought the money. She says I know that you will not cheat me. Vasu asks did you get Thapki kidnapped. Shraddha says I have done this great work. Vasu asks didn’t you get ashamed of yourself. Shraddha says I am wounded and you have made me inhuman for Thapki. She tells that Thapki don’t deserve anything and have everything and says Shraddha deserves everything, but she didn’t get anything. She says you have insulted me and loved Thapki, why did you do injustice with me. Vasu looks on.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Shraddha gives 24 hours to Vasu and asks her to search Thapki alone without informing Police.

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