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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aryan asks Thapki why she is so tensed, she must write something. Dolly ji says Thapki must be sad, she must atleast say something. Lovely says she couldn’t give as much love to Bani as she wanted to give her. Everyone wish Bani was alive. Lovely comes out of her Thapki’s avatar and tells them to stop crying for Bani now, why they keep on saying Bani, Bani, Bani, and Bani. She curses herself and decides to be Thapki again, she says this was Bani’s words. She must have said the same if she was here. Aryan tells her to write something now, Lovely thinks Aryan got behind her. She finally writes for Bani. Aryan brings out a diary from his pocket, Lovely smirks that this is Thapki’s writing as she practiced it a lot.

The next morning, Lovely was placing vegetable and fruits in a basket. Dolly ji comes there. Lovely says she has been planning Samar’s farewel. Dolly was shocked. Lovely says Samar stayed here for Bani, he already didn’t want to stay here then why put his self-respect at stake. Samar comes there and agrees to leave tonight, Dolly thinks she can’t let go of this family so easily. She makes up that their house is under renovation. Vasundra comes there saying Dolly and Samar can stay here until their house is being renovated.

Lovely looks around the store thinking they must also use it. Aryan comes from behind and asks what she has been looking for. Lovely replies Bani’s umbrella, Aryan comes to help her. Lovely wonders how Thapki lived in this house, this Aryan wanders around all the time. Lovely holds Aryan’s hands and tells him to believe in her, can’t he see the truth in her eyes? Aryan recalls Thapki’s eyes and decides these aren’t Thapki’s eyes; how can there be truth in them. Aryan backs up watching a cockroach, Lovely holds the cockroach up in her hand and throw it away. Aryan asks if she wasn’t afraid of cockroach, she replies she was afraid once but after having gone through such a huge accident and losing Bani she isn’t even afraid of death. Aryan leaves the store room. Lovely tells herself to find what she came for.

In the hall, the servant brings a plate to Dolly. Lovely comes behind her and places a crackers bunch behind the couch. She then ties her dupatta with the bunch. A goat comes there, but Lovely sends it away and burns the bunch thread with a match stick. Dolly runs across the hall as the crackers blow. Lovely enjoys this from behind a wall.

Dolly cries outside after the crackers have blown out. She complains Samar about the incident, Samar was furious and asks to inquire who did this. A servant comes there and accepts the blame over himself. Samar takes his collar. The servant says Dolly had been pushing the goat away. Panda ji slaps and fires the servant. Lovely recalls offering him huge bribe for taking the blame. Aryan observes her carefully.

Dolly comes from the bath and smells her hands, she could still smell cow dung. She wonders if a servant can disrespect her the owners would anytime throw her out of the house. She takes out the photo of Bani and says Bani never had to marry Samar, Tina must now take this place like before.
At night, Lovely asks Vasundra about Panday ji. Vasundra says he has gone to village, may not return at night. Lovely asks to sleep with her.
Aryan wonders why he can’t believe that Thapki is real.

Lovely asks Vasundra if she feels some relief with her massage. Vasundra asks her to come and sleep but Lovely insists she would only sleep after Vasundra. After Vasundra had fallen asleep, Lovely takes the keys and jewelry and money from the locker. She thinks this is just the beginning, they must witness what else Lovely does.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Lovely comes to a store room where a lady sat wearing a face mask. Lovely speaks to Thapki that she didn’t come here only for money, she came to rob Thapki of her world.