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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aryan sat in his room when he watches Bihaan’s shadow. Bihaan says he wasn’t happy because Thapki was alone. It’s now that he is relieved, Thapki would now be happy as she will realize his love. Bihaan tells Aryan to share his heart out with Thapki. Aryan says it is wrong to love Thapki and get Bihaan’s love out of it, Bihaan insists it’s wrong to actually snatch Thapki’s happiness and hide his love. He urges Aryan to share what’s in his heart, atleast for Thapki. Aryan comes a realization.
Bihaan comes to Thapki in the hall and tries to speak to her. Vasundra comes outside and tells them about a party at home for their shareholders. She tells Thapki to be present in the party. Suman says no one cares about the family than Thapki does, she will manage everything. Aryan leaves hearing about the party.

At home, Aryan grabs Samar’s collar. Samar asks if this is how much he trusts. If Samar Kapoor he knows can do such an act. Aryan tells Samar Bani won’t even see her face right now. Samar says he would prove himself right in two hours, else he won’t confront Bani for whole of his life.
Samar comes to the house of the girl in Samar’s room. The girl asks why Samar came here. Samar says he paid her for her mother’s operations, but she lied to his wife. Now he must get all the money from her and unbuttons his shirt. The girl says she wanted to disgrace him in front of his wife just to black mail him. There, Aryan held phone to Bani who heard this all. Samar leaves the girl. The girl thinks Tina told her to take her own name for extra money.

In the corridor at home, Tina meets Samar and says Bani is different from her, she can never see clearly when angry. Samar assures Bani is never angry for no reason, and when proven wrong she gets calm as well. He thanks Tina for thinking about them. Tina drops her phone and gets a chance to touch Samar’s feet. She even touches the mud of his shoes and put it in place of her sindoor. She speaks to herself only she has a right over everything belonging to Samar. She will get this right.

Thapki comes to the room and finds it decorated with candles. She asks Aryan what this all is about, she doesn’t like this. Aryan says initially he didn’t like this all, he thought it was a waste of time. He only intended to get rich in life, he only went to earn money that forgot about his mother and brother. He couldn’t save his mother, and his brother Munna still hates him for this. He came here to help Thapki but here he realized the meaning of family here, with Thapki. It feels a person is incomplete without love. He says it is true he loves her, he gets a strange feeling whenever he looks towards her; he is happy when Thapki smiles and wants to take all her burdens over his shoulders. He knows he can never take Bihaan’s space in her heart, but he wants little space with Bihaan there. He promises her all the happiness which she deserves. He presents her a rose saying he wish to take care of her, and says I love you Thapki. Thapki holds the rose, crying then throws it away. She asks how dare he said this all to her, she is still connected to Bihaan. She can never love anyone as much as she loves Bihaan, her Bihaan would always be in her heart. He only resembles Bihaan but he is someone else, he is Aryan Khanna whom she brought home as Bihaan!. Vasundra calls from behind Aryan Khanna? If he isn’t her Bihaan but Aryan Khanna?

In the room, Tina speaks on phone to the girl saying Bani had complete trust that Samar called her there. She promises her money. Bani comes to Tina’s room but stops while watching her speak on call. She comes in asking Tina if she deliberately did sol; what the reason that she wants to disgrace Samar is. Tina blames Bani for all this, she says no matter how much Bani try but she will get Samar. Samar and Munna stood at the door, Samar tells Tina it will never happen. He comes in saying Bani didn’t stop her, he himself wants to live with Bani. Munna blames Tina for being wrong at heart. Tina was stubborn saying Bani is coming between her and Samar. Bani spots a knife and listening to argument between Tina and Munna decides to kill herself. Samar comes to stop her saying this isn’t the solution. Bani says her sister is her life, she loves Samar and if Bani dies Samar would ultimately go to Tina. Samar agrees to marry Tina, he will atleast be able to see Bani alive in front of her.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vasundra shouts at Aryan in the hall how dare he played with them, and their emotions. She was ready to hand Aryan to police. Mr. Panday holds a gun over him saying he would punish him.