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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

It is night. Lovely comes to a store room she turns a lever to open another hidden room where Thapki sat, tied with the chair and face covered in black mask. Lovely throws a bundle over her face and says she didn’t come to her house for money. She needs Thapki’s world which she would snatch from Thapki. She burnt her in front of the world and changed her face. She says she has changed Thapki’s fate, Thapki must lose everything dear to her; her recognition, family, relations, house and her love.
The next morning, everyone was worried in Vasundra’s room. Vasundra says she and Thapki slept here tonight. Mr. Panday goes to complaint the police. Aryan asks Thapki if she also didn’t wake up, she usually wakes up with a little disturbance. Lovely says the thief must be vigilant enough not to wake her up.

In the room, Dolly ji was worried as her mind swirled with tension. Tina assures police would soon reach the thief. Dolly ji tells Tina what goes never comes back. She suggests Tina to ger the property, ban balance and others named after her. Tina asks about the album she was holding, Dolly ji opens Tina and Samar’s photo saying they suit each other but got a bad eye over them. Tina was crying in the room, Munna comes in. Dolly ji hushes him up and takes him outside. Munna was concerned why Tina is upset. Dolly ji shows him a photo of Bani saying Tina is missing Bani and shows Munna a photo of Bani. She pities over Munna for being married to Tina though he loved Bani dearly.

Lovely awaits Vasundra to come downstairs then speaks to Bani’s photo, crying. Samar comes from behind and says Bani was a nice girl, very kind hearted… He got to realize this when he fall.. went close to her. Lovely asks Vasundra to speak to Bani as well, if she must be hearing them? Vasundra tells Bani she loves her dearly, more than anything in the world. Lovely records her words.

In the corridor, Lovely was planning to make Tina hear this recording. Aryan hits her across the corridor. Lovely shouts at him for always troubling her and speaks in her own flow. She soon realizes and stands up saying this phone contained Bani’s memories. Aryan takes Lovely outside with him and asks her to mark the bottles with a catapult. Lovely wonders what else she must learn to prove herself Thapki. She throws the catapult away and asks why she must prove herself to Aryan, if he is Bihaan. She doesn’t want to hurt her family anymore or prove something else to Aryan. She turns around to go inside and poses to fell faint. Aryan comes to hold her in her arms. In the room, Aryan places wet cloth pieces over her forehead. She thinks she must pose to be a weak person in front of him, he would keep on caring for her. Aryan turns to leave when Lovely gets a shivering shock. Dolly ji comes in and says she got fits. Aryan says doctor said she might get some fits. Dolly makes her smell rot socks. Lovely sits up at once and joins her hands to Dolly saying she is fine.

In the room, Dolly notices her face is getting oily and thinks about getting some steam for herself. She goes to wash her face first. Lovely comes and pours bowl full of red chilli into her steamer as revenge. Lovely’s face was burnt with chilli in the room.

At the dinner table, everyone come for dinner. Dolly arrives to sit with them, Lovely shows her concern for Dolly. Vasundra stops Lovely for serving her before Tina. Lovely thinks soon Vasundra and Tina would both hate each other. Everyone appreciates the food, Lovely thinks she ordered it from a huge restaurant. Mishra ji, a worker comes to ask Panday ji for some loan. Lovely comes from kitchen with a pot of sweet. Mishra ji recognizes her as Lovely. Lovely drops the pot.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mishra ji accuses Lovely to be a dancer and not any innocent person.