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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Vasu telling Thapki that Bihaan is no more in this world, but Thapki says that he is alive in her world. Just then they hear Balwinder shouting and fall down unconscious. Vasu and Thapki rush to him. Suman says whenever they argue, you stop their argument. Balwinder asks them to stand with their belief. Vasu says she don’t want to spoil her happiness and asks about Tina. Suman says she is in her dance class. Tina is seen dancing on the song Mohe Rangdo Lal… her dancing class. The dance master blesses Tina for her dance and asks others to learn from her. Tina’s friends tease her and ask for her fiancé name. Tina says his name is Samar. She gets Vasu’s call. Tina asks where is Mamma? Vasu says she went to Police station where she goes since 15 years. Thapki goes to police station and asks about Bihaan and Bani. Inspector says why you comes here often and says he is head. Thapki says he is not dead in her heart. Inspector says case is closed and says your daughter is not found till now. Thapki asks him to keep trying. Tina comes running home and collides with servant. Vasu slaps the Servant and asks them to call big doctors.

Many Doctors come to treat Tina. Doctor sees the wound and says that it is a small injury. Vasu scolds them. Thapki comes home, and tells Tina that it is a small wound. Vasu being over protective for her asks her to drink Pomegranate juice. Thapki asks Vasu, why she is more protective towards her. Vasu tells that bad thing have happen with Tina and her as Bihaan left.

Thapki brings juice for Vasu. Vasu drinks it as says it has so much sugar. Thapki asks her to drink other glass. Vasu says it has no sugar. She asks her to mix both juices. Vasu drinks it. Thapki asks her not to be over protective about Tina. Vasu asks if I shall be alone, and tells that Dhruv left and settled down in foreign country with Anu and Veer. She says she has just Tina to pamper and can do anything for her. I can drink poison for her and can give my life. Thapki says your love is genuine, but don’t be over protective. Vasu says Tina is Bihaan’s last memory with her, and says she can’t stop being over protective for her. Thapki tells that Bihaan and Bani will return to them soon.

A dancer is seen dancing for the shoot with many supporting dancers. Choreographer says cut and asks the dancer if she will act like this. Bani is shown and she is Thapki’s lookalike and tells that the steps is difficult. She says she can choreograph the song and have learnt from him. Choreographer agrees. Bani dances on the song Laila main Laila…..Everyone claps for Bani and others. Choreographer gets angry and asks Bani, what she thinks of herself. Bani asks him to show the steps there. He starts dancing on the song. Bani makes him fall down and laughs at him. Choreographer gets angry. Bani tells him that there is no age for learning and asks Security to help him get up. She asks him to remember Bani Bihaan Pandey’s words.

Bani is going somewhere. A guy comes infront of her and says nobody can save you from me..

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