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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Everyone was shocked to hear Mahesh call Thapki as Lovely. He reminds Lovely about slapping him. Lovely doesn’t recognize him and says he has been lying. Mahesh charges over Lovely and calls her a bar dancer, not an innocent lady. Mr. Panday comes between and slaps him, he clarifies this is their daughter in law Thapki. Mahesh leaves. Aryan watches Thapki cry. Vasundra comes to hug her.

Outside, Mahesh wonders how this is possible that she is Thapki. Aryan comes to confront him, Mahesh remembers his slap. He says no one is Lovely, he won’t take this name in future. Aryan asks Mahesh about Lovely, Mahesh says Lovely is a bar dancer and a very good one. She can’t live without dancing.
Tina comes to store room where Samar was already looking for something. Both say they were sent by Dolly ji. Dolly ji leaves two rats in the store room and locks the door, she cheers this would do the rest of the work. Tina screams and was afraid of watching the rats. Samar hushes the rats away. Tina slips from the stool she stood over, Samar carries her into his arms. He places her down, both share an eye lock.

Lovely was sitting in the hall when she hears a music tone. Aryan played it in his mobile. Lovely wonders why he is playing dancing songs, she can’t control herself. She stands up. Aryan says not bad, he had never thought she like such songs. There, Dolly ji comes dancing in the hall. She holds Lovely’s hand and forcefully makes her swirl. Lovely deliberately leaves her hand, Dolly ji fell down. Samar and everyone come there. Dolly ji asks Samar how he came here, he says Vasundra opened the door of the store room as it got locked outside.

Lovely comes behind Aryan in the corridor. She tells Aryan that Bani copied these songs in her phone. She said she hears boring songs and told her to listen these ones. She shows Aryan she has deleted all the memories of Bani in her phone, would he now accept she is Thapki. Lovely leaves. Tina comes to Aryan and asks if he still suspects this isn’t Thapki. Aryan says his heart doesn’t agree. Tina says her bandage was removed right in front of them, he is hurting Thapki this way. Thapki has always been with him in all times, he shouldn’t do this.

Lovely comes to the room furious over Aryan. She was upset that she had to delete her favorite songs from the phone as well. A phone bell rings, Lovely wonders how it rang as she put it in silent. She takes a hidden phone from the closet, she got an offer of 2.5 lac for a single dance and agree to come.
At night, Lovely confirms everyone is asleep. She cheers that even Aryan is not home. Dolly calls her from couch and says even she isn’t sleepy. Lovely takes a leave from Dolly, she cautiously comes from behind Dolly and hit the back of her neck with a stuntful move. Dolly faints. Lovely leaves for dance saying she won’t get up till morning.

In the bar, Aryan sat on a corner as a masked girl performs on the dance. Aryan removes the mask off her face when she comes to him, he was shocked to see Lovely standing there. He calls her Thapki. Lovely clarifies she is Lovely. Aryan insists she is Thapki Bihaan Panday. Lovely tells him not to make stories if he doesn’t want to pay, he would anyone has to pay for the dance. She charges him with a knife over his neck and tells him to get her money. Aryan signals a man nearby, he makes the payment. Lovely tells them both to leave and counts the money. She was relieved after Aryan has left.
Outside, Aryan thinks if this is Lovely, Thapki must be home. He leaves for home. Lovely was worried and thinks about reaching home before he does.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lovely reaches home behind Aryan. She had decided to climb through the terrace and tries to open the window. Aryan had entered Thapki’s room before.