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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aryan drives to Panday Nivas.
Lovely runs outside and hires an auto for Panday Nivas. The auto driver flirts watching her makeover. Aryan and Lovely were stuck in traffic jam, Lovely hides her face as both wait at the signal. The auto doesn’t start at the signal, Lovely makes the driver sit behind and drives the auto herself taking a short cut.
Aryan reaches home before Lovely. Lovely runs from the outer terrace and tries to open the door but it was locked.
Aryan enters the room and was shocked to see Thapki asleep. He turns to leave the room.
Lovely get out of the bed, relieved that she was saved. She curses her phone and throws it on the floor, breaking it apart. She was worried how she would handle this tomorrow.

The next morning, Aryan was trying Lovely’s number but it was powered off. He calls Ritesh and asks for Lovely’s address. Ritesh tells Aryan no one knows where Lovely lives, where she comes from and where she goes. Everyone gather for breakfast. Vasundra asks Lovely to serve and sends Tina to help Thapki. Aryan denies taking anything from Lovely, she says aren’t these his favorite? Aryan turns to leave. Vasundra asks him to take a little only for Thapki’s sake.
Suddenly a huge tyre fell over the table. Dolly ji comes running ahead of the goat. She says this goat was chewing a tyre, as she took it from her it ran behind her. Vasundra asks everyone to get to breakfast table.

Lovely comes to room and asks Aryan why he is behaving so strange, everything was fine between them. Aryan shows her images from last night. Lovely looks worried and asks what this is. She touches her face saying she looks like her. Aryan asks this is what Thapki is going to explain. Lovely asks if she knows who she is. Aryan says she is Lovely. She recognizes the name as the one taken by the man. Lovely asks Aryan how he can even think she would dance in such dresses. She takes him to Bihaan’s photo and asks if this means he is a son to this house, or a father to her children. She reminds what she said when they first met, that he isn’t Aryan but Bihaan Panday. Lovely says she is fed up of making her realize anymore, he must mind he isn’t her husband and has no right to suspect her. She leaves the room.

Dolly ji stood upstairs with a tyre in hand to throw it over Tina and Samar, they would be close to each other for a while. Tina brings water for Samar and asks if he needs something? Samar thanks her and leaves, Tina also leaves the hall while Dolly’s attempt to catch them in tyre goes in vain.
Lovely arrives in the hall, Dolly thinks its Tina and throws the tyre. Dolly was caught in the tyre and sends Dolly to all someone for help. Aryan comes there and asks Lovely what she is doing. Lovely says she is trying to be car to take part in the race. She doesn’t allow Aryan to help her. Aryan says alright, he won’t suspect her anymore and agrees she is Thapki. Aryan tries to get her off the tyre by throwing water over the tyre. Lovely thanks him. Dolly thinks about not sparing Dolly for what she did. Dolly runs inside with Munna, Lovely thanks her as Bihaan helped her.

At night, Lovely was in bed while Aryan was asleep on the couch. She confirms he had fallen asleep and walks out of the room. Aryan wakes up saying he lied to her, he still suspects her. He recalls finding a broken cell phone. He thinks he would surely find out where she has gone so late.
Lovely had come to store room and moves the lever to open the room Thapki had been kidnapped in. Aryan had reached outside the store room. He turns around but Lovely had moved inside the room by then.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aryan comes across the lever in the room and moves it. Lovely was shocked to see Aryan moving the lever and opening the door.