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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kosi takes Thapki and Aryan towards the mandap forcefully and ties the knot of wedding. Both look towards each other in shock. Kosi makes them stand for the wedding rounds. Aryan looks towards her after the second round. They were forced to move on. Aryan gets dizzy and faints. Vasu runs towards her and calls for doctor. The doctor assures he would be conscious in a while, he has been effected mentally and must be kept away from wedding celebrations else he might get sick again. Aryan wakes up. Vasu announces Bihaan and Thapki are spouses, there would be no wedding anymore and doesn’t let Kosi argue to her.
Aryan later bribes the doctor for lying to his family about his condition. He turns around to find Vasu standing behind and asks what he was speaking to the doctor and why he made a payment. Aryan says that was his fees, for his suggestion. Vasu tells Aryan that it’s because of him (Bihaan) that all the happiness of this family resides in, she won’t let him fell ill again. She hugs him, he finally hugs her back.

Kosi was sprinkling a powder on the floor of the room, determined to unveil their truth. She thinks if someone from them sleep on the floor this powder would stick to the mattress and she would discover the truth about them. Thapki and Aryan had reached to the room, Thapki asks what is happening in their room. Kosi hides the powder box. Aryan also questions Kosi what is the matter. Kosi says she came to keep water in their room, she makes them sit on the bed and leave. Thapki says she is sure Kosi was here for a reason. She thanks Aryan for helping her by saving the wedding. Aryan says even if his times are really bad, he wouldn’t at least marry her. Thapki turns around to head towards sleeping, her saree sticks with Aryan’s sleeves.

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The next morning, Kosi comes to the room and finds the stain over the mattress of Thapki. She holds it outside into her room and shows it to Bani in excitement. She tells Bani that the man isn’t Bihaan but a stranger. Would she now accept him to be a liar? Bani pushes Kosi on bed and wraps her in the mattress, deterring to throw her into slums if she doesn’t get silent. She warns Kosi to say another word to Aryan and leave the room. Kosi was upset about what she would do now.
Thapki and Aryan wonder why Bani called them there. Bani calls Thapki and tells her to spend some time with each other. Bani cheers as the date of her parents has been fixed and thanks Samar.

Aryan orders Chinese in the restaurant. Thapki begins to eat with her hands, Aryan was disgusted and leaves the table. A friend meets Aryan and asks if he is on a date, Aryan says she is his colleague. His friends’ comments Thapki appears to be older than him. They take him to sing a song for them. Aryan sings ‘Jagg ghumya tere jesa na koi’. He comes to hold Thapki up but she doesn’t, he drags her forcefully and drops her midway. She fell down to be embarrassed as everyone in the club laugh.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki drops the water from pot as Aryan comes towards her with it. She says only husband has a right for it, but he isn’t Bihaan; he is Aryan Khanna. Bani and Tina were shocked to hear this.

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