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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lovely runs inside and hits Vasundra, the CDs fell off. She apologizes for being in such a hurry and says she would play the CD. Lovely flips the CDs and play Dolly’s CD. The family had gathered around. Everyone was shocked to see as the video plays. Aryan runs to turn the video off and asks who brought it. Munna comes downstairs and turns the CD player off. Vasundra questions why he watches such movies. Munna denies watching such videos. Samar recognizes the CD bag as his, he says he would open it and show everyone that there is no filthy movie. Dolly ji hides her face out of guilt. Vasundra questions Samar. Samar assures this bag doesn’t belong to him. Dolly reminds Samar he took the bag to office, maybe it’s a joke with him. Dolly was upset for getting her own son caught in trap.

the room, Lovely dances over the song. Tina was passing by and watches her. Lovely watches Tina then makes up she has pain in her back. Tina asks if she was dancing. Lovely says she thought about doing some yoga, she played the song she found first then turns the song off.
Aryan was inquiring about Lovely on phone. Tina comes there and asks who lovely is. Aryan makes up she is an office employee. Tina asks why try when he can’t lie, she wants to know the truth about who is Lovely. Aryan shows her Lovely’s photo from the party, Tina was taken aback. Aryan says she looks like Thapki, he thought its Thapki; he narrates her the story about party. He asks how he must accept that both people are same. He only wants to watch them both at the same time, but Lovely is nowhere to be found. He takes a leave for an office chore. Tina thinks about Lovely’s dance and says Aryan must have accepted Thapki’s reality but she now doubts, she will find out of this Lovely is really a different person.

Lovely comes to open the door. It was a vegetable vendor with pumpkins. Dolly ji comes there and says Samar loves them, they are also Tina’s favorite. Dolly makes the payment but had no change. Dolly ji asks Thapki to pay for it. Samar comes there. Dolly tells Samar Tina got these for him, she still loves him a lot. Samar apologizes he won’t be able to eat this, this is Bani’s favorite as well. Tina comes from behind. Dolly tells her that Samar brought this for her. Tina was in disbelief. Tina calls Samar from behind and asks if Dolly is right. Dolly reminds what he just said, Samar clarifies she must not take it otherwise, he did only what was in his heart. Tina was happy. Lovely brings the money. Tina thinks about something, she requests her to prepare this plum vegetable for her. Lovely assures she will.

In the kitchen, Lovely curses everyone. She says she never tasted plum in life, how would she cook the one like Thapki. She thinks only Thapki can save her from this problem. She gets an idea and empties the plum from inside, then decides about a plan. She brings the plum case and throws it over Dolly from upstairs, she gets a chance to run and go to meet Thapki. Everyone had gathered around Dolly who cried in the hall. Samar tries to drag it up, Dolly cries. Vasundra calls for a knife. Dolly says she was only passing by the hall, she doesn’t know where it come from. Dolly resists as Samar marks with the knife. Vasundra finally shouts at Dolly to stay silent now. Samar marks the cut. Vasundra was relieved. They wonder where it come from.
Lovely asks Thapki about her plum recipe. Thapki asks what she would do otherwise, kill her? Lovely says she would kill someone else. Thapki hears Bani’s cry. Thapki agrees to tell her about the recipe.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The doctor hypnotizes Lovely. Lovely understands what they are doing. The doctor asks Lovely about her name.

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