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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bani says she wants to celebrate Thapki’s birthday with the family. Aryan promises he is with her.
Bani comes to hug Tina from behind. Tina says no one would celebrate Thapki’s birthday, for what she has done to them.
In the kitchen, Aryan tells Vasundra and Suman not to do anything special for Thapki. He felt what if Vasundra fells soft when Thapki prepared kheer for her on her birthday. He forbids Suman as well, as Thapki had invited Suman’s friends on her birthday. Aryan specially forbids Vasundra to prepare Aalu Poori as Thapki loves it. He leaves the kitchen thinking Vasundra must now heartily prepare Aalu Poori.
In the room, Bani suggests Tina they must celebrate Thapki’s birthday without her. Tina agrees. She asks Tina to order Thapki’s favorite chocolate cake with a message over it. Bani gets a message from the lawyer, she takes a leave from Tina leaving the arrangments over her.

In the kitchen, Vasundra and Suman finds everything else as rotten, and rice in grains. Suman says they are only left with flour now, so they can prepare Aalu Poori now.
At the lawyer’s office, Bani and Samar were given papers to sign. The pen doesn’t work, Bani sprinkles the ink, it fells over Samar’s hand. Both Samar and Bani laugh. Samar goes to washroom. Bani gets a call from Aryan and tells him she is at a friend’s.

Munna comes behind Aryan. Aryan thanks Munna for celebrating for Thapki. Munna says he only did this for Thapki, if Aryan was there he would have never done anything so.
The lawyer asks Bani why she wants to hide everything from her family. Bani says Samar was going to marry Tina, she wants to join them again. Samar comes there, Bani complains he has been very late and tells the lawyer to part them soon. Samar thinks he has already seen how soft hearted Bani is. Bani turns to leave. Samar was lost in thoughts of Bani. She tells him to leave.
At home, Samar comes to Aryan and asks to join him.

Aryan was sketching and says he has been trying to sketch someone’s face. Samar asks if someone not even in front of him? Aryan says she is in his heart, but he is only able to sketch a single eye. Samar says Tina told him he sketches really well. Aryan thinks Bihaan sketched well, he is only trying to discover his feeling. Samar says he is impressed by Thapki and Aryan’s love. Aryan says he is only trying to find if he even loves. Samar asks what love is. Aryan says when one gets worried when she isn’t around and nervous when in front, our heart cease to beat for ourself but only beats for her; such madness is called love. He looks towards his completed sketch. Samar smiles remembering Bani.

In the room, Aryan comes to Tina and asks about Bani. He says he had something important, then says Bani’s phone is unreachable. He gets Bani’s call and was shocked to hear from her. He tells Tina that Thapki has left for her grandparents, Bani went to take Thapki back. Tina thinks Bani to be really smart who planned to hurt Thapki. He watches smoke outside.
Everyone gathers into the hall where a decorated auto-rickshaw comes in with Kosi waving at them. She comes to fake a hug towards Tina and says she came here to wish Thapki. Vasundra tells Kosi they haven’t forgiven Thapki.

Kosi thinks this means her work has been made easier, she calls Thapki around. Aryan tells them that Bani went to her grandparent’s and Bani has gone to pick her. Vasundra asks why Bani went to take Thapki. Aryan replies it’s for the respect of their family, Thapki has never stayed at her relatives like this. Kosi decides to stay and wait for Thapki and Bani to return. She brings out a bunch of balloon from the auto. Aryan wonders what the purpose of Kosi behind coming here is.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Kosi blows out a balloon over Tina’s mouth. A powder fell out of it and Tina faints. Kosi was determined to make Tina a source of revenge from Aryan and Bani.