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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Balwinder asking Bani who had taken care of her since 15 years. Kosi comes with pallu on her face and dances while dhol is played. Thapki lifts the Pallu and says Kosi devi. Kosi says yes, I am…Bani’s dad and says I have brought up Bani and asks her to talk with respect as she is her real mum in law. Thapki asks Bani what is she saying? Kossi says she gave her everyone’s love and when don’t return home, she got worried, when enquired near the temple, she came to know that her mum took her home. She says I understood your plan and came here to take my grand daughter. She asks Bani to come. Thapki holds her hand and stops her. She says my daughter Bani will not go from here. Kosi asks with which right? Thapki says she is her daughter. Kosi blames Thapki for leaving Bani and killing Bihaan.

Vasu says it was an accident and asks did you forget your behavior with your son. Kosi tells that if she had not given her shelter, then Bani would had been rotten with Shekhawats. She tells how she saved Bani from them. Thapki asks Bani if she is saying right. Bani says yes and says if she had not saved me then, I would have been married. She says I am standing here because of her. Vasu says you might have done this for your motive and thanks her for saving Bani. She asks her to leave the house. Kosi says did you see how they are? She says I asked her to go and meet Thapki, but she refused. She says now you got Bani, and blesses her. Bani calls her and asks her to stop. She tells I know whatever happened with you in this house was wrong and says if you leave, then I will also come with you. Kosi hugs her.

Thapki asks what you are saying Bani. Bani says she has taken care of me and if she don’t stay here, then I will go. Thapki agrees to let them stay and hugs Bani. Samar asks his mum, if she is getting him married or doing a business deal. Samar says you made me Jamai after marriage, I will not stay in their house. His mum asks him to think about Tina and says she loves you very much. Samar says but I don’t love her and is marrying Tina because of Thapki’s favors. He asks her to move and says he will go and talk to them. His mum acts as if her health deteriorated and emotionally blackmails him. Samar agrees and asks her to inhale the medicine. She sprays the medicine in her mouth and says we will stay in that house. You will stay there as Thapki’s son and not son in law. Samar goes.

Vasu asks Thapki, why did you let Kosi stay here and says she will bite and kill us like a naagin. Thapki asks did I have any other way out. She tells that she can’t afford to lose Bani. Vasu says you will repent when she shows her true colors. She cries and thinks she can’t let anything wrong happen with Bani and thinks to protect her from Kosi. Bani recalls family members getting emotional. Kosi tells that everything happened as planned, you collided with her intentionally. Bani is crying. Kosi asks did you fall weak? Bani says yes and says I don’t know why? I thought I will hate her and will not let her touch me, but I want to hug her. Kosi gets angry and throws water on her face. She reminds bani that Thapki had killed Bihaan, left you helpless, and says she is the same woman because of whom, you were dying each moment, this is her trick. She stammers and wins everyone heart, then will play big game. She provokes Bani against Thapki and asks her to just remember 15 years which she struggled and asks her to take revenge. She shows her Tina and Samar’s pic and asks to stop their marriage.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bani collides with Samar and asks if he don’t have eyes. Samar apologizes to her and calls her aunty thinking her to be Thapki. Many people gather there. Bani complains against him.