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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

It was morning, Tina and Dolly were in the kitchen. Tina gives Dolly a glass of water and tells her not to think much about pumpkin. She says this pumpkin cost her really too much, Tina asks what? Dolly explains Samar must never have thought this pumpkin would got her life. Tina looks around for Thapki, Lovely comes there saying there was no Chat masala at home. Lovely asks why she is in tension, Tina says it’s just that she couldn’t see her for long. Lovely cooks the Tina’s favorite vegetable. Tina tastes the vegetable and says it’s the same taste. Lovely thinks she got her in after Aryan as well. Tina feels bad for suspecting her.

In the room, Samar massages Dolly’s head. Tina watches them in the room, she thinks Samar is so nice. She could never let go of the love she holds for her.
Lovely was speaking to someone on phone in her regular tone. Aryan comes from behind and ask whom was she speaking to. Lovely changes her tone at once when spotting Aryan, she says it was the contractor. This time he took Bani’s name, whenever someone takes Bani’s name she loses control over herself, she forgets even herself. Lovely carefully observes Aryan now.

Dolly watches Samar from upstairs and recalls her time with him. Munna comes asking if she is missing her past memories. Tina says she is missing her love as well. She tell Munna her heart could never accept the decision of fate, it just wish the old time returns. Munna says nothing can be undone so easily. Dolly ji watches this and thinks the couple would only be Samar and Tina.

Dolly ji comes to the room, someone stood there with pumpkin over her head. It was Suman who makes Dolly fearful, then says she just came and heard about her story of pumpkin. She asks Dolly when she would return to her own house, then goes for house chores. Dolly notices the pumpkin was empty from inside just like the old one. She wonder if it was a deliberate act.

Aryan brings a psychiatrist, he says she needs treatment for how traumatic she got after the call in morning. Lovely objects but Vasundra and Panday ji also insist on her to get the treatment. They assure their side with her even during the treatment. Lovely finally smiles.

Dolly ji comes to kitchen and finds the pumpkin she got on her head in the dustbin. She thinks someone deliberately threw the pumpkin over her head. She finds a bead inside it and decides to reach her enemy through it. She comes to the hall and watches the lights had been turned off.

The doctor tells Lovely to follow as he says. He brings out a bead while moves as pendulum. He asks Lovely only to watch the bead. Lovely thinks if she loses her control due to hypnotism he would discover the truth from her. Aryan thinks he only wants to know the truth from her. The doctor instructs Lovely that she is now asleep, her mind is just awake. He finally asks what her name is. Lovely says she is Thapki Bihaan Panday. The doctor asks who Bihaan Panday is to her. She replies he is her husband, she recognizes the family members and children, two daughters Bani and Tina. She says she went away from her family after the birth of her daughters. She lived away for seven years, she then met her family in Bani’s school. They returned home but Bani went missing, she lived away from Bani for 15 years. She cries that once again her life got her Bani away from her life, forever. The doctor looks towards Aryan for a signal, he nods at the doctor. The doctor tells Lovely to close her eyes and come out of the sleep. Aryan thinks may be he is wrong, she is the real Thapki else she must not have known so much about their lives.

Mr. Panday leaves the hall asking Lovely to take rest. Lovely looks towards the pin in her hand that kept on pinching her. She says no matter what Aryan does he would never discover her truth, because both love and hatred of Lovey are solid.

Tina comes to Aryan on balcony. She asks if he still suspects her? Aryan says he doesn’t suspect her anymore, she told all the details of their childhood, their schools as well. Tina hears from Aryan and thinks Thapki told the school the names wrong, she had switched Tina and Bani’s school names. She wonders if its actually Thapki or someone else living with them?


Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tina plans to follow Lovely at night, she goes to store room after Tina and moves the swirl on the floor. The door opens and Thapki was tied to the chair right in front.

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