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Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

In the room Lovely goes to washroom to bandage the cut in her hand. Dolly ji comes in and finds a watch on the side table. She recognizes the pearl had come off the watch, she wonders if Thapki did all this. She leaves before Lovely comes out of the washroom.
In the hall, Aryan was painting a photo of Thapki. He wonders why he has been able to draw the new face of Thapki. He hears the voice of Lovely that he his heart doesn’t accept. A shadow of Lovely comes to him saying he doesn’t trust her. Aryan says he wants to trust but has not been able to. Lovely says he must insist his heart to accept it, he must go and tell the new Thapki how much he loves her, else he would lose everything including his Thapki. Aryan insists he loves Thapki a lot and doesn’t want to lose her at any cost. The shadow vanished after telling him to go and confess his love.

Aryan comes out where Lovely was standing in the garden after bath. He speaks to himself that he loves her dearly, she must recognize his love for her. Munna watches Lovely go inside, he comes to question Aryan why he would do this, only for the sake of money? He must not ruin Thapki’s life, her life and love was only Bihaan Panday and she only loves him. Aryan says he tries to make his heart understand so, Munna tells him to control his heart. Aryan stops Munna and says he loved, and he would get love its right. He will share his heart out with Thapki tomorrow, he asks Munna for a promise not to share this with anyone. Munna makes the promise. Tina stands behind and asks if he is so romantic that he will propose Thapki? Aryan tells her not to share it with anyone. He will do it tomorrow, and thinks tomorrow is the day Thapki first met him.

Lovely brings Dolly’s clothes back to her and says their washing man is on a leave. The washing machine is also out of order, she must wash her clothes by herself. Dolly was upset hearing this, Lovely hands her a pack of detergent and leaves. Dolly was curt over her and says Thapki would wash her clothes now.

At night, Lovely sets the alarm at 2 am saying its good that Aryan isn’t home. Tina comes to her room. Lovely asks what happened. Tina asks for hair oil and leaves with the bottle. Lovely wonders if she heart she was about to do something at 2 am, then decides she didn’t.

Downstairs, Dolly ji asks Vasundra about Thapki. Lovely comes downstairs. Dolly ji gives them fresh carrot juice. She gives a special glass to Thapki, remembering she mixed detergent in the juice. Lovely smells the juice. Vasundra also says its tasty. Dolly notices Lovely doesn’t sip from the glass, she instead begin to discuss with Dolly about a childhood incident of Bani. She takes all the glasses and dodge them narrating a game of balls with her childhood friends. Vasundra says their Bani was always a winner. Lovely hands the glasses back to everyone. Dolly was confused, Thapki assures she took the glass with lesser sugar and compliments the juice to be tasty. Suman notices bubbles coming out of Dolly’s mouth as she breathed. Lovely laughs.

In the room, Lovely comes behind Dolly and asks if she thinks her to be an idiot. She tells Dolly to stay here as a guest only, she knows well Dolly brought the dirty picture as well. Until she is in the house she won’t let Dolly play such games. Dolly was afraid that she recognizes her game and apologizes her.
At 2 am, the alarm was ringing. Lovely gets out of the bed and making sure Tina is asleep beside her she leaves the room. Tina gets up and says she had heard her about going out at 2 am that is why she came to sleep with her in the room. Today she must find out about her truth.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tina follows Lovely to the store room. Lovely wasn’t there inside, Tina wonders what kind of a place is this. She watches the swirl on the floor and moves it. Lovely was shocked as Tina watches the door open. Aryan and Lovely dance together. Aryan speaks his heart out with Lovely and says I love you to her.

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