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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Mamaji gets emotional seeing Shivani. He says he cannot ask her how she is and got her married to thug Rangeela. Shivani says it was her fate, but why her mamaji is being punished. She asks if he is getting food. Mamaji says he is getting food and medicine he had kept in his pant packet. Shivani says she will plead Chaudry and Gulguli to free mamaji. Her and mamaji’s emotional discussion continues. Rangeela says he gave her 5 minutes, but it is already 10 minutes, he has to take her back to haveli before maalik/Veer wakes up , else maalik will shoot them all. Guard knocks door and asks who is it. Rangeela hides Shivani and opens door. Guard walks in. Rangeela slaps him and shouts where he had been, what if old man would have escaped. Guard pleads not to inform maalik. Rangeela sends him out to check if someone is around and holds Shivani’s hand to take her away, but she resists and says she helped him by saving his friend’s life, he has to repay her back by getting mamaji out of here. Rangeela forecefully lifts her and walks towards haveli.

Veer catches Shivangi and Rangeela red handed and says he purposefully dropped ants near Shivani and sent her out to catch her while meeting Rangeela. Rangeela took her to mamaji instead. He hit mamaji in langot, but he will hit Rangeela without langot. He gives gun and asks him to shoot himself. Rangeela takes gun. Shivani pleads to spare rangeela. Rangeela shoots himself and collapses on floor. Shivani shouts and realizes it was her imagination. Rangeela scolds her that she does opposite to what he says. She says he let her meet mamaji, so she will not get him in trouble, she will go in from hereon. He asks to be careful and she walks back to room and sees Rangeela sound asleep. She sits on bench shivering. Gulguli comes out of her room and scolds her what is she doing here instead of serving her husband, she will force more work on her else.

Maldawali dances in front of kali maa in bengali style and cries reminiscing Gulguli’s words that she did not baby even after many years of marriage. She says Gulguli and Bhisma bore a impotent son and are blaming her instead. If Gulguli taunts her again, she will tell whole world that she bore an impotent. She hears door knock and opens it thinking Jageer came, but Gulguli walks in and scolds that she will not get baby by praying god, she should stop Jageer from missing for 7-8 days regularly. If she does not bear child and Shivani bears child, then she will be just a garbage in this haveli and not badi bahu. Gulguli thinks she made Manmeet impotent and will make Shivani infertile and will not let Chaudhry family get a legal heir.

Shivani sweeps floor in the morning, fixes bed and sleeps. Veer asks what is happening. Shivani says she did not sleep whole night. He drags her up and says she should sleep on his bed if she has to.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivani sees Rangeela sleeping and asks him to wake up. Veer kicks Rangeela and shouts he had to not let Shivani sleep, but he himself slept. He asks Gulguli to punish him.

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