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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Tina was shocked to see the door open by the swirl but there was only an empty chair under a lamp. She walks in, but Lovely had held Thapki’s mouth tightly shut and hits her heat with a head. Lovely thinks about doing something about the place. Tina brings the police along with her but there was nothing but an empty hall. The police seals the area.
At home, Tina wonders why Thapki went there. She comes to the room and finds Lovely on the bed, she wakes up worried and asks Tina where she had been. Tina counters asking where she had gone so late? Lovely says she was only walking outside, she felt suffocating. She says when she returned, Tina wasn’t in her place. She thought may be Tina has gone to her own room. Tina makes up she was worried as she didn’t find her in the bed. Tina lay down.

Lovely thinks Tina’s doubt must have been finished as she changed Thapki’s place. Tina thinks her doubts doubled now, she must now find out about the truth before Aryan proposes her.
In the morning, Vasundra sends Tina to do the Aarti with Lovely. Tina thinks about Aryan showing her photo of Lovely. Lovely thinks she must be cautious of Tina as they both pray together. Tina recalls how she prayed along with Samar when he had saved her from fire. She brings Aarti to Samar, Dolly ji and everyone notice Tina stare at him, lost in thoughts. Vasundra sends her towards Panday ji. Dolly ji speaks to Vasundra about Samar and Tina who seems to have been made for each other. Vasundra interrupts Dolly and says they were both hurt for Samar and Tina, but they must not discuss about the bruises that have already healed. Dolly ji was curt over Thapki and Vasundra interrupting between her intentions.

Aryan brings tickets for movie for the family. Suman notices two of the movies were missing, Vasundra and Suman hide their smiles. Aryan makes up that he must have forgotten the tickets. Vasundra and Suman suggest about staying at home and Aryan and Thapki can go for movie. Aryan insists on them to leave, both finally agrees. When Aryan had left, Vasundra and Suman both laugh at him.

In the room, Tina checks on internet for a medicine which makes a person tell the truth. She orders the medicine. Later, Tina comes to the back corridor with the serum and pours it in the glass of lemonade. She thinks this will decide if she is her mother or not. She comes to the room with lemonade for Thapki. Lovely doubts and asks why she brought it? Tina complains if she never made anything for Thapki at will? Tina makes up that Dolly was only making it so she brought it for Thapki as well. Lovely takes the glass saying Tina made it with much love for her. She looks keenly towards Tina and forces her to have a sip from it. Tina was confused after the drink, Lovely asks her what she mixed in the glass. Tina avoids then confesses she mixed a medicine of truth into it. She tells Lovely she suspects she is someone else, she is Lovely whose photo she had seen. Lovely gets weepy and claps about Tina’s thinking, she asks if she brought her up for this day only. She reminds Tina of her stammers in the childhood and reminds her of giving more love than Bani. Tina cries. Lovely says she was blessed with two daughters, she felt she was complete but she is still incomplete; one of her daughter left her and the other doesn’t trust her. Tina cries apologizing Lovely and hugs her. Lovely finally agrees and forgives Tina.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aryan and Lovely dance together in a romantic setting at home. Aryan tells Thapki about his love for her.

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