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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki keeps on calling Bani as Kosi fills her ears. Kosi makes Bani up to get ready for marriage. Thapki keeps on crying and calling Bani from behind the mirror, Kosi comes to speak to Thapki if she is worried if she would break the whole reality about Aryan Khana. She tells Thapki she will cause a greater damage than that, Thapki must witness the worst.
Samar wasn’t ready to marry Tina against Thapki’s wish. Vasundra and Tina come there. Vasundra says they can understand how much Tina loves Samar, Thapki may have gone a mind change but they all wish them to get married. She requests Samar with her hands joined to Samar, Samar holds her hands and was silent. His mother insists on Samar to get married, Tina looks hopeful. Samar finally nods. Vasundra cheers and asks them to come to their home early.

At the function, Vasundra was happy that Samar agreed to marry. Panday ji wasn’t happy that this wedding was taking place without Thapki, Vasu says Thapki herself forced them for this step. Tina comes to Thapki’s room in her bridal attire. Bani comes right behind her. Thapki cries watching them ready. Bani asks Tina why she is crying, her biggest wish is coming true. Tina says there hasn’t been a single day when she lived without Maa, and when it’s the biggest event of her life she feels so alone. Bani feels apologetic, but thinks Tina should also have known the real face of Thapki. Bani says she also stayed away from Thapki for long. Vasundra comes there and assures Thapki must be really close to them both. Both Bani and Tina hug Vasundra. Vasundra says to keep them both happy they would take Thapki along as well. She carries Thapki’s photo towards the stage. Kosi comes there and tells Vasundra to go downstairs and take care of the guests asking about Thapki. She assures Vasundra to bring the brides down.

Aryan wore head phones and was instructing the manager. He steps over a note fallen under his foot, he wonders how can Thapki leave her own daughter’s wedding, she is always ready to do anything for her daughters. There must be something wrong.

Kosi brings a bowl of sweet yogurt and feed it to both the brides. Thapki cries watching her daughters. The girls feel dizzy at once and fell over the bed. Kosi takes advantage of the moment. Thapki shouts for them. Kosi replaces the veils of both brides. Bani weakly asks what she is upto. Kosi tells her to do what she is being asked for.
Thapki was upset about what Kosi is going to do with her daughters. Vasundra welcomes the brides. Kosi takes Tina to sit with Munna while she takes Bani towards Samar. Aryan comes into the store room with the note saying he is sure this isn’t Thapki’s hand writing. He finds Thapki’s hand writing confirming this letter was not by Thapki. He wonders if this letter hasn’t been written by Thapki, who did.

The girls felt dizzy. Varmala ritual was being performed. Thapki keeps on praying for the protection of her daughters. Aryan comes to the room. Thapki knocks at the mirror. Aryan looks around wondering where Thapki is if not here. He looks around.

The girls were asked to stand for wedding rounds. Bani fell down at once. Thapki keeps on shouting Aryan’s name as he looks around. Vasundra was concerned. Kosi says they must be nervous about wedding, they had been in much worry. Vasundra suggests about removing the veils of the brides and sends Kosi towards Bani. She herself moves towards Tina. Kosi stood silent for a while then stops Vasundra saying it’s a bad omen to remove the veil of a bride. Vasundra hurries the Pandit.
Aryan turns to leave saying there is nothing in the room. Thapki hits the mirror again. The bottles on the dressing table fell down. Aryan cautiously walks towards the mirror.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :

Thapki and Aryan calls to stop the wedding. Vasundra tells Thapki that the wedding has finished already. They were shocked to see Bani married to Samar and Tina married to Munna.


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