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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

At Panday Nivas, Dolly asks Samar how his work has been going. She says she cares a lot for Samar and is worried about him. She wish Tina comes downstairs and slips over the oil she spilt. Samar tells Dolly he is in a hurry for work and is fine, he must leave now. Dolly watches Tina coming downstairs and keeps Samar indulged with the talk. Tina slips over the staircase and was about to fell down. Munna comes to hold her into his arms, he was concerned for Tina. Samar says he is happy that Munna takes great care of Tina, he is her husband and her life have been connected to him now.

At night, Lovely finds a gift box on the bed. She opens it up, there was a red dress with a note from Aryan demanding Thapki to wear it and come downstairs. She walks down the stairs wondering why it’s so dark, soon the spot light flashes over Aryan’s face. Aryan sat with a guitar. He comes to dance with Lovely. After the dance, Aryan says he wants to tell Thapki about something. He wants to make a confession from his heart, I love you! Aryan says his heart isn’t in his control anymore and has fallen for her. He kneels in front of Lovely and proposed her to be her companion with a ring. Lovely wonders how she must forget Bihaan. Aryan says he realizes Bihaan is a part of her past, he owns her with her past. Lovely was confused, then feels happy about her fate. She turns to Aryan and wonders what she must reply to him. Aryan says he will accept any of her decision, but she must also consider his true love in any of her decision. He promises to bring her all the happiness. Lovely finally places a hand over Aryan’s mouth and says she never wants to lose him, she is thankful to him as he has been in her favor along all the difficult times. She hugs Aryan and says she is ready to marry him. Aryan was happy and puts the ring in Lovely’s hand.

Outside in the garden, Aryan speaks to Lovely’s photo that finally she agreed to marry him. He only proposed her to find out about her truth, Thapki would never have given Bihaan’s place to him. Thapki would never have lend the place of Bihaan who still exists in her breathes, life and soul. He burns Lovely’s photo and says he now wants to discover what’s her purpose to come here, and where is Thapki and Bani.

Lovely was in room, Dolly ji comes behind and considering her as Tina she reminds Tina how much Samar and Tina loved each other. She wish she was Samar’s wife, hadn’t Thapki done all that. She says Samar is always upset, and even Tina cries. She assures Tina she is with her and not Bani. Lovely turns to face Dolly who was afraid at once. Lovely slaps Dolly and questions why? She forbid her already not to create another problem in her family. Dolly says even she can hold a hand over. Thapki deters to push her away from the house in no time. Dolly says she has been doing this for Tina, she isn’t happy with Munna and loves Samar. Whatever happened was written in fate, but she feels bad for Tina. Lovely says she understands what Dolly wants to say, she apologizes Dolly for slapping her. She now cries that she has lost one of her daughters but doesn’t want to lose the other one. She promises her help for Dolly. Dolly leaves the room cheerfully. Lovely thinks Aryan and Tina trust her, now she got a great idea by Dolly. She will bring a clash between Tina and Vasundra; she will now use Dolly to turn their relation into hatred.

In the room, Samar comes to the room. Tina had arranged a candle light lunch for him. Tina says its been a great time they didn’t dine in together. Samar asks why she is doing so. Tina reminds him of their love for each other. Samar turns the table down and shouts he doesn’t remember anything, what he knows now is that Tina was married to Munna. If she has to do this all she must do for Munna, not him. He watches Tina cry.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lovely tells Tina no one can break a relation of Mangal sooter. Lovely was about to break the mangal sooter. Vasundra comes to slap Tina for attempting this.

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