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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd May 2017 on

Aryan keenly hears the door while Thapki pushes it. He figures the voice is coming from behind the mirror and struggles with it.
Downstairs, the wedding rounds had completed.
Aryan was finally able to open the mirror hole and carries Thapki outside. She cries badly and hugs him.
The wedding rituals were completed.

Thapki thanks Aryan for saving her, she tells him Kosi shut her inside and that Kosi has switched the chunri of both brides. They head downstairs.
The wedding had completed. The couple stands to take blessings. Thapki calls from upstairs to stop this. Vasundra tells Thapki that the wedding has been done already. Both Thapki and Aryan were shocked. Vasundra goes to remove the veil off Tina’s face but it comes out to be Bani. Everyone was shocked. Suman removes the veil off Tina’s face who had been married to Munna. Thapki cries silently. They girls stood semi-conscious. Tina finally fell on the floor. Vasundra calls for water. Kosi stops Thapki’s way preventing her to go any forward. They sprinkle water over Tina and Bani’s face, the girls realize whom they had been married to. Tina asks what happened with her, how she married Munna. She looks towards Bani who had been married to Samar. Tina cries in disbelief, she shouts who did this. Kosi accepts she did this.

Vasundra runs towards Kosi. Kosi cries that she had been asked to do this by Thapki. Thapki was shocked. Thapki calls Kosi as a liar. Kosi tells Thapki she has a recording and has a proof. She plays a video with Bani in Thapki’s attire. Bani had deterred her to do what she would say. Thapki stares towards Bani, Bani thinks this is her recording to make Thapki as false. She was in disbelief how Kosi used this falsely. Kosi tells Thapki to lie again she isn’t in the video, she winks towards Bani. Bani was upset what if Thapki says she is in the video. Thapki accepts this proof is right, she is in the video and she told her to do this all. Kosi fills her eyes fakely, she looks towards Bani and says she didn’t want to lose her as she is the last support of her old age. She goes to hug Bani and says she did this only for Bani, if she accepts this all silently her revenge from Thapki would be accomplished.

Kosi tells Thapki she had warned her that everything would get ruined otherwise. Thapki silently cried. Vasundra slaps Thapki and says she had never thought she would fall to such an extent that she would play with her daughter’s life. Aryan thinks he must save Thapki as she was locked upstairs. Thapki stops Aryan. Aryan thinks he knows Thapki is doing this to save Bani. Vasundra says Thapki, in her stubbornness ruined her daughter’s life. She would never forgive her. Tina also accuses Thapki saying she would also not forgive her ever. Bani recalls Bihaan’s death. She remembers how Bihaan fell off the cliff. Everyone accuse Thapki for snatching her daughter’s love. Bani cries thinking finally Thapki has got what she deserved. Aryan defends Thapki, he says he trusts his Thapki who cannot do this all. They must trust Thapki. Vasundra asks him to look at their daughter’s and how they have been betrayed. Suman says Thapki accepts this all by herself.

Thapki comes to Tina who jerks her hands away and forbids her to touch her. Tina forbids Thapki to call her as her child anymore. She goes and spill oil in fire and swears of the fire that she breaks every relation with Thapki today and boycotts her. Everyone leave. Kosi says her job has been done.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aryan tells Thapki he would stay in this Panday family and promises he would change Thapki’s luck.

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