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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th April 2017 full episode watch online on

The Episode starts with Suman asking Tina not to take tension else Vasu will get tensed and make issue. They see Bani and Kosi coming there. Tina says it is strange, wine in the morning and puja in the evening. Kosi says Bani have opened my eyes and asks her to drink Prasad which she made for her. Tina is hesitant, but is about to drink it. Bani snatches bowl from her hand and drinks it. Kosi scolds Bani for drinking Tina’s Prasad and goes after her. Bani vomits the Prasad. Kosi asks why did you do this? Bani says she can’t bear if Tina slips and falls down. She says I can’t do wrong with her.

Kosi thinks she has to brainwash her once again and makes her recalls all the past incidents. Bani looks on revengeful and says I can’t forget anything. Kosi asks her to do as she says and asks her to break Tina and Samar’s marriage and hurt her so that Thapki gets hurt directly. Thapki comes there and hears Bani vomiting in the washroom. She asks are you fine? Bani comes out from washroom with kosi. Thapki asks what happened to you? Bani says ghajab and says she is grown up now. Thapki asks her to wear the dress which she brought and says you will look like an angel which you used to look in childhood. Kosi asks Bani did you see her double standard and asks her not to fall weak. Bani nods.

Samar’s mum asks Vasu why did you send engagement ring. Vasu tells something. Samar’s mum agrees and says whatever you say is God’s message. She wears the ring sent by Vasu and says what will Tina wear now. She thinks she has ordered fake ring before only and says Tina will make fake ring now. Samar comes and asks her to come. Thapki hugs Tina and says I have chosen Samar for you. Bani comes and says ghajab. Thapki says even you are looking ghajab in this dress. Tina asks Thapki if you will apply kala teeka to Bani only. Thapki applies kala teeka to her also. Bani stops her and asks them to have sweets. Thapki makes Tina have sweets. Bani smiles.

Guest comes for the engagement ceremony. Samar’s fans take his autograph. Bani thinks he looks like a joker and thinks how can my sister fall for him. Bani thinks to make him zero in the party from hero. She writes something in the paper. She collides with Samar and then accuses him for colliding with her. Samar thinks she is strange. Everyone laugh seeing Samar. Thapki takes off paper from his back and asks Samar what is this? He asks Bani, what is this. It is written on the paper, Main Aunty Ho….He asks how dare you to joke with me. Bani says nobody dare to joke with me, and calls him uncle.

Suman comes to Tina and asks her to get up. Tina says she can’t get up. Suman asks her to get up and says Samar is waiting for you. Samar’s mum dolly thinks to change Samar’s ring also. Suman asks her not to stare ring. She asks where is my bahu? Vasu says lets start engagement. They say she is learning kathak since childhood and they want to see her dance. Tina comes. Kosi appreciates Bani for mixing drugs in Tina’s sweets. Bani asks did I do right? Kosi says yes, you have done right, now Tina will become Chikni Chameli.

Tina dances with Samar forcibly on the song Chikni Chameli. Everyone is shocked. Thapki is shocked to see Tina dancing madly. While dancing, Tina slaps Dolly mistakenly. Thapki shouts Tina….Tina is not in her senses. Kosi smiles. Samar is shocked.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kosi provokes Dolly and asks her not to get her son married to Tina. Dolly breaks the alliance. Everyone is shocked.

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