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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Samar convinces Tina that Munna is a nice guy and will keep her happy. Tina says their wedding was a betrayal, Tina asks if he didn’t love her? Samar insists this doesn’t matter, only Munna matters for her. Tina swears to the fire of candle in hand that she only loves him, Samar pushes her hand away. He tells Tina he doesn’t love her. Tina says Samar and Tina are made for each other, they will get united. She cries while Samar goes outside. Dolly ji comes to Samar and says Tina loves him, and forces him to marry Tina. Samar says he can never be on wrong’s side no matter what. Dolly cries as her own son called her as wrong. Samar stops her and says she is his mother, but if she would ask the cost of giving birth to him in such a way. He can give his life for her, but can never be on side of wrong this way.

Vasundra was in the temple, praying. Lovely comes behind and notices Vasundra waiting with Prasad. Her tear fell off Lovely’s hand. Lovely asks why she is crying. Vasundra reminds how she had placed a burning coal inside her bite to burn her mouth; how she disgraced Bihaan and Thapki and made her work as a maid in Panday Nivas. She says she was so wrong, she thought may be Thapki’s inside was also filthy but she has forgiven so many of her sins. Lovely wonders why this family cries so much, she also has to cry by them then. She tells Vasundra she accepted her and turned into her strength, her courage when she realized the truth. Lovely thinks its much of sentimental talks, she talks to Vasundra about giving Tina everything a mother gives to a child. She is the real mother of Tina. She says if Tina lives happy everyone would be happy. She cries for snatching the happiness of her children, she wish Tina had married Samar. Vasundra says fate cannot be changed, Tina must live with this relation of marriage with Munna. She goes with Prasad. Lovely thinks this would be fun now, Vasundra would not let Tina leave Munna.

Tina reminds Munna about Bani. Munna remembers everything, the shine of her eyes, her feel of hair, her giggles. He wished to get the whole world under her feet. Tina says if he remembers so much why forget Bani, or his love has died. Munna asks if it’s a boiling water that would turn to vapors, he loved Bani and will always do. Tina says like he loves Bani, she also loves Samar and will always do. If they hadn’t married by mistake, Samar would have been here. Munna asks what Tina wants, Tina says she wants to go back to Samar. Munna asks about Samar. She says he is still worried about relations. Munna asks what he can do for her. Tina swears him of Bani and requests his help to get Samar back. Munna agrees.

Samar comes to Bani’s photo and says he had fallen in love with her. He thought about making her realize his love for her. He will never go to Tina as he will always be loyal to his love. Munna heard this all, he says the dream would be fulfilled only if Bani is there. He reads an old poetry about what’s gone is gone. He tells Samar Bani was Samar’s love and Munna’s friend; but they can’t cease to live with life. Samar asks him to be clear. Munna says he wants to see them both; Samar and Tina happy. He says Samar was about to marry Samar, she still loves him. Vasundra comes there and slaps Samar for even uttering such words again.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lovely tells Tina she is married and must wear Munna’s mangal sooter for all her life now. Tina says she wants to wear Mangal sooter of Samar’s name and was about to remove the already worn one. Vasundra comes to hold her hand and slaps her.

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