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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bani says he neither has self-respect nor any respect. She will get him pushed out of the house by revealing his truth. Aryan stops her and says alright, they both unveil each other inside. He would tell everyone that whatever has been done was by her and not Thapki. Bani stops him this time and says right now she wish to kill him. Aryan says he also wish the same. He takes a revolver from his pocket, waste all its bullets except one. He decides there is a single bullet, for him or for Bani. He hands the gun to Bani for her turn. Bani points the gun at Aryan and asks if he thought she would be afraid, she calls herself as daughter of Bihaan Panday who is neither afraid to kill or to die. She pulls the trigger, the bullet wasn’t shot. It was now Aryan’s turn, he holds the gun at her forehead and pulls the trigger; the chance was missed. Bani takes her turn. This time again the bullet wasn’t shot.

Next turn Aryan and then again Bani but no bullet was shot. Bani was shocked this time, Aryan smirks as it was the last turn. Aryan says that finally the decision has been made, it would be Bani who leave. He points the gun at Bani saying good bye to her. Thapki comes outside and watching this she runs towards Bani to save her. Bani watches Thapki slap Aryan, she questions if he would dare kill her daughter. She minds Aryan if he attempts such an act again she would kill him. She comes to Bani concerned. Bani jerks her hand away and calls it their intention to kill her. She tells Thapki not to cry in front of her anymore. Thapki announces that Aryan would no more live in this house, she goes inside. Aryan shows Bani the bullet he had withdrawn before the game, Thapki wasn’t the part of this game and he called her here only to show how she reacts watching Bani being shot. And she has taken the shot over herself. Bani must think once how can Thapki do any wrong to her daughter.

Bani walks to her room recalling how Thapki ran towards her. She jerks the idea saying this all is a drama. Samar asks who is doing a drama. Bani says he is doing so. Samar says he can’t even dream about being nice to her. Both head to sleep and fights for the single pillow. Both snatches it, Samar leaves the pillow first. Bani fells over the couch with the pillow. Samar calls her stubborn, Bani accuses him of being stubborn. Samar finally goes to sleep on couch.

There, Kosi smiles as Tina asks what this is. Munna says this is a bed and Kosi would sleep over it. Tina asks if she must sleep on the floor. Kosi tells Tina to sleep over it, but be careful as it’s a weak one. Samar makes the floor beddings for Tina. She requests to spread some soft cover as well, but Munna qualifies at least their body is soft. They lady down. All at once, the lights go off. Kosi smiles watching Tina disturbed by mosquitoes, she recalls her times in her house. Kosi thinks how well she turned the fate of Thapki’s daughter and brought her from palace to a hut.

There, Thapki had packed Aryan’s bag. Aryan explains there was no bullet in the gun and he took it from the gun just to make Bani realize how Thapki reacts. Thapki tells him not to forget about his identity, he is not the father to Bani or son to this family. Aryan tells Thapki he is an unlucky son who lost his mother, he only wanted to bring Thapki out of her problems so that may be some of his injuries get healed. Thapki turns to fell down, Aryan holds her in his arms. He tells Thapki he won’t leave the house until everything gets well.
In the morning, Tina coughed hard as she tries to light the smoke stove. Kosi comes to tell her do it a little forcefully. Tina climbs up a stool to take the flour, there were two rats over the shelf that climb down. Tina cries for help. Kosi instead makes a video of Tina’s condition. Munna comes inside and wonders where they came from. He picks the rats outside the house. Tina comes to hug him and cries as she was much afraid of these rats. They get apart in a while.

Vasundra comes Thapki and hands her a ticket. She tells Thapki she has spoken to Dhruv, he would pick her from airport. She tells Thapki to leave tonight, if her Tina can’t stay here Thapki can’t as well.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Thapki requests Kosi to take as many money as she wants but leave her daughters. Kosi tells Thapki that Shraddha came here and got her Bani marry forcefully. Bani says Ghajab, and removes the shawl to reveal it wasn’t Thapki.

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