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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi scolding Bani for lying to Thapki about Munna. Bani goes to Munna to clear the misunderstanding. Munna smiles and looks at her. He widens his arms in SRK style. Bani smiles and comes near him. She beats him with scale and asks him to stop dreaming. Munna tells why didn’t you tell me that you loves me. Bani says I don’t love you and asks him to stop dreaming else she will break their friendship.

Thapki sees Bihaan’s pic and tells that she felt like he is near her and asks him to return. Tina cries seeing Thapki crying. She says even I miss Papa and I feel like he will attend my marriage. Thapki says God will fulfill our wish. Bani hears them and thinks she had sent him so far and now saying this. She says ghajab…and says she missed him a lot. Thapki hugs her. Bani asks her not to cry for Bihaan and asks her to promise. Thapki says you are your Papa’s daughter. Bani tells Thapki that she has organized bachelorette party for Tina. Tina gets happy and hugs her.
Bani calls Amit and asks him to reach Bachelorette party.

Samar asks why you are doing this for me. Bani says she is doing this for her sister Tina and not for him. Samar says he will not attend this party. Bani says you have to come. Samar says nobody tried to force me. Bani says what your fans will think that Samar Kapoor cancelled the party after organizing it. He says he will have a small get together and says he is doing this for his own self respect. She calls him aunty ji. Bani says dhamaka will be big.

At the party, Samar meets Munna. Munna is having noodles and says party is good before marriage. Samar says even you will have party before your marriage. Munna recalls Bani threatening him and says don’t know what partition will happen. Samar’s friend ask him who is he? Samar says he is his guest and asks them to leave if they have any objection. Munna says abhi toh party shuru huyi hai…..A dancer starts dancing and forcibly dances with Samar. Samar tries to push her, but the dancer holds her while falling. Samar falls over her.

Bani comes there with Thapki, Kosi,Tina, Vasu and Dolly. Dolly coughs. Tina gets teary eyes. Dolly scolds him. Samar asks Dancer to go. Dancer gives him flying kiss and goes. Kosi accuses him for flirting with a girl. Samar asks Tina to say. Tina says she has seen enough and goes. Bani smiles. Thapki is shocked. Dolly scolds Samar and tells that she will stab herself. Samar asks her to believe him. Thapki comes. Samar asks Thapki to believe him. Thapki tells that she trust him. Dolly hugs her. Thapki tells that she will clear Tina’s misunderstanding. Samar tells that it seems the dancer preplaned everything. Thapki sees her going and thinks to ask her.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bihaan or his lookalike asks Thapki who is she? If she is a stalker. Thapki is shocked.