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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vasundra tries to convince Munna that he is like a son to their family, and relations aren’t toys. His marriage with Tina was real, he took seven vows with Tina and they are for seven lives. He must understand he and Tina are spouses. Samar also says this. Munna says they all would never understand, they will never be able to live together happily.
Lovely comes to the room where Tina sat upset. Lovely thinks she must make her plan work and create a war between her and her grandmother. She brings an album to Tina and says let’s watch this together. Tina was excited to see their childhood photos. She watches their engagement photos and gets weepy thinking about marrying Munna. Lovely shuts the album and says she understands it’s difficult to forget one’s love, she never thought about anyone other than Samar. She must forget about it now, she has to wear the mangal sooter named after Munna forever now. No matter what happens they can’t change the reality.

Tina says she can break it, she wants to wear the mangal sooter named after Samar and not Munna. She was about to break the mangal sooter in her neck when Vasundra comes to hold her hand tightly. She strictly tells Tina to leave it, Tina denies but Vasundra slaps her hard. Lovely enjoys. Tina tells Vasundra she doesn’t love Munna, why wear the fake mangal sooter. Vasundra insists this isn’t fake, it’s an identity of their marriage. Tina says it might be, but for her it’s fake just like her and Munna’s relation. She never considered Munna as her husband by heart. Vasundra says Tina is young and doesn’t understand the importance of relations. Tina says her relation was connected with Samar; Vasundra understands it was God’s will that she married Munna. Lovely also asks her to understand. Tina was stubborn and says she would die but… Vasundra stops her at once and says she must never say this. She tells Tina she can get her anything, even her life; but for the sake of her life she can’t let her do so. Tina requests Vasundra, then turns her face away.

Vasundra was upset and leaves the room. Lovely wipes Tina’s tears and says Vasundra was right. They can do nothing, Vasundra can never keep herself at her place. She tells Tina she understands her pain, God will make everything fine now. She highlights if Vasundra slapped her really hard. Tina hugs Lovely, Lovely foresee more of the drama.
In the room, Vasundra sat with her hand dipped in a cup and cried. She recalls her love for Tina. Panday ji comes and remove her burning hand from the hot cup, Vasundra denies getting the medicine applied over it. Vasundra cries in front of Panday ji that she slapped Tina. She shares the reason as well. Panday ji was shocked to hear this, as Vasundra says she wasn’t ready to give Tina the permission to marry Samar. Panday ji says it’s not Vasundra’s mistake, he would also have done the same. He brings a medicine and applies it over her hand. He says it’s alright to be strict with kids to keep them at the right path; no matter children dislike it. We have to be wrong in their eyes sometimes. Panday ji was sure Tina would come to her after sometime and say she had shown her the right path.

Dolly ji was shocked to see the jewelry in Lovely’s hand. She says these were for Bani and Tina’s wedding. Lovely says Bani is no more, she had thought to gift them to Tina if she marries Samar; but not now. Dolly asks why? Lovely says Tina married Munna, how can she give these to her. Dolly says they will make Tina and Samar’s wedding possible. Lovely says it’s of no use, she understands her emotions and thinking but Vasundra would never understand. Tina only listens to Vasundra, how she would understand. Dolly says she will make her understand, she can’t let her dream break as well. She holds a necklace in hand, out of greed. Lovely tells her to try whatever she can, until then the jewelry goes to Munna. Lovely cheers now Dolly will bring the distance between Tina and Vasundra.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aryan beats the doctor who operated on Thapki. He tells Aryan that he never did an operation and Thapki and Bani never came to hospital.