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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Bihaan getting angry on Inspector. Dhruv says this way is not right, and says matters can get worse. Shraddha says matter is already worse and Thapki have to cry eventually. Thapki is sad and looks on upset. Bihaan asks Inspector what they shall do now. Inspector asks what I am saying wrong? Shraddha asks him to shut up and says what do you think that we are less than Shekhawat family and tells that they have connection with high profile people. She tells that he is not understanding our problem, our daughter Bani is trapped between those animals and he is not understanding. She cries and says she is a mum and can understand Thapki’s pain. She says we will get a big lawyer and will get you suspended. Dhruv gets Balwinder’s call and he asks them to come. They come to the house and see the house locked. Shraddha says who can lock our house.

Bihaan breaks the lock and says I will see who has done this. They get inside the house and see Bani inside the house. They get happy and runs towards her, but then suddenly a cage traps her from above. Everyone is shocked to see her in cage. Amma Maayi, Monty, Kesar and Prince come there. They smirk looking at them. Amma Maayi says we are your samdhi and have the right to stay here in your house, you didn’t do our aarti, but we didn’t forget our rituals. She says we will welcome you and asks Kesar to do her samdhis’ aarti.

Vasu takes aarti from kesar’s hand and throws it on floor. She asks her to stop her drama and asks how dare you to step inside our house. Shraddha smiles. Thapki asks what you are doing and asks her to take her daughter out from cage. Monty says this will not happen samdhan ji as the bird is caged now. Bihaan asks him to stop his nonsense and asks him not to dare try to trouble his daughter. He touches the cage and feels electric current. He asks Bani not to touch it. Bani is shocked. Balwinder asks if you are humans. Monty stammers saying bird can’t come out from cage and laughs. Prince asks Bihaan to bless him and accept him as his son in law. Thapki te;;s Bihaan that he is a kid.

Prince tells that he is to be husband of her daughter. Shraddha smiles and thinks this drama is getting interested and good to watch. Amma Maayi says you was showing ego, and this is the answer. She says Bani will marry my son in this house itself, and we will stay here till marriage happens. Everyone is shocked. Amma maayi asks why they are shocked and asks don’t you know rituals. She says marriage happens at bride’s house only. She says Thapki will do Kanyadaan. Shraddha smiles. Amma Maayi says Thapki have fixed this marriage. Bihaan says Thapki can’t do this. Monty asks him to lower his tone and says I can end your game right here. Bihaan says I will end your game children. Prince laughs and says you are childish and asks do you want to kill my to be wife. Bani cries and asks Bihaan to get her out of cage. Monty and Prince smirk. Bihaan and Thapki looks on helpless.

Thapki (Shraddha) gives wedding dress to Amma Maayi and says it is for Bani, which she brought for her. She says it was good that you are staying here. She asks her not to feel bad if she tells anything to her infront of anyone, and says I have to act infront of everyone. Amma Maayi says you have courage and says I haven’t seen two faced woman till now. She asks her not to do anything wrong with her. Shraddha as Thapki says why I will do such thing. Why I want to do bad with my daughter and pray to God that she becomes your bahu soon. Amma Maayi says your daughter will become my daughter and asks her to make arrangements of marriage.

Shraddha says that’s why I brought marriage dress. Amma maayi scares her holding gun. She says I will go now and touches her feet. Amma Maayi blesses her. Shraddha smirks and says now stop Bani’s marriage Thapki. She thinks now Thapki or her ancestors will not catch me. She sees Thapki coming from other side and hides. She pulls off her mask. Thapki sees her and asks why you are here? Shraddha says why? I can’t be here. She hides the mask. She tells that she was searching for the ring. Thapki asks why you are wearing suit. Shraddha says her saree was spoiled and that’s why worn this. Thapki asks her to pray for Bani. Shraddha thinks I have brought this sankat/trouble on your daughter and laughs.

Bihaan comes to Monty and asks how dare you to cage my daughter. Monty says even I will not leave you and holds Bihaan. They have a fight. Dhruv comes and changes the cage remote. He asks Bihaan to leave him and calm down for Bani. Monty asks Dhruv to explain to Bihaan, else he will kill him and Bani. Once Monty goes, Dhruv gives remote to Bihaan. Bihaan runs inside the hall. Prince comes to Bani and asks her to drink water and stop crying. Bani makes an angry face. Prince says my anger boils up, you are my to be wife. Bihaan comes to her and frees her. Vasu brings Kesar there and apologizes. She keeps Kesar in the cage and take her out of house. Thapki says we will take her to Police station and asks her to tell everything truly. They see Amma Maayi sitting outside and applying cream to her hands.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Amma Maayi shows them video in which they have kidnapped Tina and scares her with dogs. Amma Maayi tells that they have kidnapped her other daughter and if they go to Police then she will not leave them.

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