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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dolly ji comes to Tina’s room and speaks to her about what Vasundra did. She says she realizes her pain, she shares with her what she never did to anyone. She tells Tina they had an arranged marriage but Samar’s father loved someone else, he tried to take care of her well but could never forget his first love. One can never forget one’s first love, he always suffocated in their relation. He took his life after a few days of Samar’s birth. Samar thinks he died in an accident, but actually it was a suicide. Tina asks further? Dolly says his family was upset and regret not marrying him to whom he loved. She says those who are your loved ones go to any extent for your happiness.

On the table, Suman watches Tina and asks Vasundra if she would now eat. Tina goes the other way but Vasundra asks her to sit beside her. She pours kheer for Tina and serves her kheer. Vasundra says she won’t ever come in ways of Tina’s happiness. Tina stands up calling her a liar and says had she loved her she would never have let her stay with Munna. She pushes Vasundra away from herself. Suman asks Tina if she can’t see how Vasundra punished herself for her little pain. Tina cries saying she only hurt her. Panday ji says Vasundra has loved Tina the most. Tina says she always showed her love off, to get rid of her loneliness. She holds her hand and makes her slap her. Vasundra’s bandage gets off revealing her burnt hand. She leaves the table. Lovely smiles at a distance while Tina goes towards her room. Lovely cheers about the drama.

Panday ji and Suman come to Tina’s room. Panda ji sits beside her. Suman asks why she is crying now. Tina says she feels like crying. Panday ji says it’s because Tina realizes what she did was wrong, her Dadi loves her more than her life. He writes something on the notepad, Tina reads a few poetic verses and points the mistake in it. Panday ji says she considered the whole poetry as wrong. She must know Vasundra loves her the most, she even fought her mother for her sake. Suman says Vasundra brought her up with much love and care, today she went against her decision once and she called all her love as show off. Panday ji hugs Tina. Suman says Vasundra deliberately burnt her hand she slapped her with. Tina recalls Vasundra’s cry of pain as the bandage got off.

Tina comes to Vasundra’s room and tries to hold her hand. Vasundra withdraws it angrily. Tina holds the hand anyway, Vasundra repeats all of Tina’s accusations and tells her to go from here. Tina asks where she would go, she holds her greater than her mom. She will commit mistakes but will return to her anyway. Can’t she forgive her? She places her head over Vasundra’s shoulder and says she sits here, Vasundra may hit her as much as she wants to. She bandages Vasundra’a hand saying she now understands Vasundra is only considerate for her, only she couldn’t value her love. Vasundra says she can never hurt Tina. Tina joins her hands for forgiveness, and hugs her.

There, Munna sat on an easy chair in the room when Samar comes to him. Samar reads a poetry to Munna and tells him to understand the reality. This was truth that Tina loved him, but it was past; today the reality is that Munna and Tina are married today and they have to spend their whole lives together. They can’t change what’s the reality.
At the clinic, Aryan beats the doctor hard. He requests Aryan to let go of him. Aryan finally takes a bundle of money and asks him about Lovely’s truth, the doctor was still silent. He throws another bundle. The doctor says he didn’t do any surgery. Thapki never came to hospital, he got money from Lovely. Aryan asks about Thapki. The doctor says Lovely has kept her hostage. Aryan asks about Bani. The doctor says Bani is also not dead, she never came to hospital. Lovely brought a burnt dead body, she is dangerous who brought a stranger woman burnt.

At the table, Vasundra and Tina sit happily. Vasundra serves food for Tina, Tina gives a bite into Vasundra’s mouth. Lovely was curt about their closeness. Panday ji asks about Bihaan. Aryan returns home with a news, he calls someone to come inside.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aryan finds a box in the cupboard and finds a card and a key there. He thinks this key must be where Thapki is hiding. The real name of Lovey was Mohini.