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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aryan calls someone inside, it was a Pandit ji. Panday ji greets Pandit ji. Aryan says they would need him for what he is going to do. He says he and Thapki has decided to remarry, he proposed her and she agreed. He smiles towards Lovely who smiles back. Munna thinks if Thapki is happy, so is he. Lovely thinks there is something wrong for sure, she must focus on this spy now.
In the room, Lovely asks Aryan how he can decide to marry so soon. Aryan asks if she doesn’t want to marry him, if she had to say a no she must not have come downstairs in that saree, nor should she have hugged him. Lovely was confused. Aryan holds her hand and says I love you, he wants to get her all the happiness that she deserves. Lovely thinks she got crazy in love, how must she make him realize she isn’t ready yet.

Dolly and Tina sat together in the room. Dolly ji says its good Thapki and Bihaan are remarrying, their love is an exemplary one. There must only be love in a marriage, else any marriage is meaningless. Tina tells Dolly she must speak to Vasundra, she must not go against her for her own selfishness. If Vasundra agrees, only then she will find a way to part ways with Munna.
In the room, Aryan finds a chance and takes a box from the bag. He toss the box to hear if its empty. Lovely comes there. Aryan says he was about to hide a gift in the cupboard but found this, he asks what’s in the box. Lovely takes the box saying it had Bihaan’s memories in it. Aryan notices a key tied to saree of Lovely.

Tina comes to Munna in the room and hands him divorce papers. She says she can’t live with him, its better they part their ways. Vasundra had come to the room and slaps Tina again. She questions who gave her the right to take such a huge decision of her life. Tina says even Dhruv divorced Shraddha and married Aditi only because he was unhappy. Vasundra says Shraddha was an evil lady, but Munna and she are different. Munna will keep her happy. Tina says she doesn’t love Munna, there is someone else in her heart. Dolly tells Vasundra to listen to what Tina is saying, Vasundra stops Dolly and requests her to stay here as a guest only and not interfere in their family matters. She now speaks to Tina that relations are made by Gods, no one has given us humans the right to break them.

She and Munna are spouses. Munna speaks in between that God creates relations to get happiness out of them, if Tina isn’t happy he can’t bind her into this relation. Panday ji says Munna is a really nice guy, he held Tina’s happiness ahead of his own. Suman also says Munna will really keep Tina happy. Dolly ji says it’s also about Samar. Samar says Vasundra is right here, they must value their traditions. They need to value the fact that he is Bani’s husband and Tina is Munna’s wife. Vasundra tears the divorce papers, and forbids them discuss this with Bihaan and Thapki. Aryan comes there and asks about the paper, Samar makes up its his office papers. Vasundra takes Aryan outside.

In the room, Bihaan was watching Thapki’s photo. He wish she is safe wherever she is, he thinks about getting the keys and look into the box. Lovely was hanging clothes outside when Aryan comes to hold her hands and sings around him. He dances with her and takes a chance to get the keys off her clothes. Later he comes to the room and unlocks the box. Inside, he finds a card with real name of Lovely as Mohini, her address from New Delhi and a key inside. He hears Lovely coming and packs the box again placing it back in the cupboard. Lovely comes to the room and asks him about her keys, Aryan hides the key from his hand and tells her to look around in the room. Lovely looks around the sofa. Aryan throws it on the carpet and holds it for her. Lovely takes the key and was relieved, Aryan assures everything would be fine now as he is here.


Thapki Pyaar Ki Door 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lovely tells Thapki whatever belonged to Thapki is hers now. Thapki wrestles with Lovely and after hitting her she was successful in running away.

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