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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vasundra tells Thapki to leave this house in the evening, if Tina can’t live here so can’t Thapki. Thapki requests Vasundra not to do this all. Vasundra shows Thapki the photo of Tina sent by Kosi. Vasundra complains that Thapki left Tina in hell, and she has been so helpless for Tina. She says she cannot allow Thapki to live in this heaven when her daughter is burning in hell. She warns if Thapki doesn’t leave this house, she herself would. Thapki fell down on floor crying badly.
There, Bani comes to the kitchen and tells Samar to do the first ritual of kitchen, he has been staying in this house. Bani thinks she would make Samar leave this house, this is the reason she didn’t wear any of sindoor or mangal sooter. Samar goes to light the flame and tells Bani he loves cooking, he isn’t among those men who hurt their ego in the name of cooking. He would prepare sweet as he considers himself a part of this family. He says he won’t let Bani taste what he would cook.

Thapki arrives to meet Kosi. He laughs asking if her family has thrown her out of the house? She asks if Thapki came to live with Tina? Thapki throws bundles of money to Kosi and requests her to leave her daughters, she has already ruined a lot. If she wanted to revenge her? Kosi throws the money away and says yes, she has revenged Thapki and only this soothed her heart. She had warned Thapki if this time Kosi comes to her life, she would take everything from Thapki. Because of Thapki her John left her, she had to kill her husband and she was separated by Bihaan. It is because of her that Shraddha is rotting in jail. She lost all her property and money, so she robbed Thapki of everything and used her own daughter as an arm. She laughs if she didn’t know Shraddha was force marrying Bani to take revenge from her, but she didn’t let Bani develop any hatred for Shraddha. She tells Thapki that Bani is as honest as Thapki, she doesn’t realize she was being used for revenge. She says her revenge has been completed now, now Thapki and Bani both might go to hell.

There is a knock at the door then, Aryan comes in.
Kosi laughs at Aryan and asks what else he wants to say now. Aryan says he came here to tell something. Kosi says she had already played a game that trapped him along with Thapki. Aryan says he met Bani before he came here, he remembers telling Bani that Thapki is being thrown out of this house. Bani was happy. Aryan says he understands Bani wants him to leave as well, he would leave before Thapki does. He would leave but if only she helps him. He tells Kosi he told Bani to be Thapki once again. Bani calls from behind her signature line Ghajab, Kosi turns around to see Thapki remove her shawl and it was Bani. She throws the shawl over Kosi and says she considered her greater than her mother but she betrayed her much. Kosi says Bani has been Thapki for many times but this time she became Thapki on his call, and she has witnessed the true face of Kosi. Kosi tries to convince Bani that this man is misguiding her. She insists this all has been done by Thapki. Bani tells Kosi to remove her hand off her shoulder, she complains that Kosi was her real relation. She left everyone, her mother and her sister as well; but what Kosi returned. She brought her up for her own selfishness, she has used Bani. She wonders what she would reply to her mother and Tina. She cries there, worried about replying everyone. Aryan places a hand over Bani’s shoulder and says everything can be made well if she stops her mother from leaving.

At home, Thapki was coming downstairs with her bags packed. She cries recalling her wedding with Bihaan. She recalls her daughter’s calling her and turns around only to be left crying. There, Bani enters the house and was shocked to see Thapki leaving the house. Thapki cries watching Bani as she walks towards Thapki. She tells Thapki she has realized the truth of Kosi and Shraddha. She was wrong to consider her enemy as a friend and her mother as her enemy. This time she has committed a huge mistake, Bani got too little in front of Thapki this time. She joins her hands to apologize Thapki and gets to her feet. Thapki holds Bani up and hugs her.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vasundra decides that Thapki must leave this house. Bani announces Thapki won’t leave, she will never let her life any easy by going away. She must realize each minute about her mistakes.

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