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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aryan comes at the address on Lovely’s card. He finds a notice board where there had been crosses marked at Thapki’s photos. He wonders why Lovely wants to revenge Thapki.
Lovely had come outside and noticing the door opened she comes in. Aryan hides himself behind the boxes. Lovely walks inside and wonders who opened the door. Aryan throws a remote over the boxes at the other side and takes a chance to walk outside the room. Lovely notices one photo was missing and thinks no one must know what the relation between her and Thapki is as she needs to destroy Thapki. She lights a fires saying she won’t let anyone beat her after being so close to victory.
Tina cries about all that happened earlier. Dolly comes to her and sympathizes her, she promises she is with Dolly and will help her gain her love.

In the hall, Vasundra and Suman were selecting a bridal dress for Thapki. They discuss its Thapki who has kept their family connected all along. Tina joins them downstairs, Suman compliments its just like Tina’s bridal dress. Tina gets upset. Vasundra holds her hand and assures she has much greater experience of life than Tina has, she must only try and understand her. Tina says she is trying hard to make her heart understand too.

Tina and Samar walks towards each other, Samar stops by her and says she must be angry because he didn’t support her. He narrates her a true incident, ‘when he passes school he wanted a bike, at that time his mother could only buy a cycle. He didn’t use the cycle and used a friend’s bike. At the final exam day, the bike didn’t start anyway. He went on the cycle that day and realized what time brings for us is the best for us’. We must value what we have. Munna is a very nice guy, he is good at heart and she will regret one day about not valuing him.

In the room, Aryan looks towards the photo and thinks he must find out who is the other girl in the photo with Thapki. Lovely comes there, Aryan hides the photo behind him. Lovely asks what is there behind, Aryan takes a chance to throw the photo on the floor and says it was a surprise only. He spots the photo on the floor, then stops Lovely from going towards the cupboard. Aryan asks her to look into his eyes and promises to get her a surprise in her life after they get married. He holds her with the closet and says he can no longer stay away from her anymore. Lovely thinks it feels good to hear this. She asks why he loves her so much. Aryan thinks about Thapki, he says he wish he could tell her how much he loves her. Lovely notices he didn’t look into her eyes when he uttered his love for Thapki. He says till his last heartbeat he can’t forget her; there is only love for her in his heart. Lovely asks if he loves so much. Aryan takes a chance to throw his cell phone and takes the photo from the floor.

Dolly comes to Tina and says we always decide for our children throughout their lives. But this must only be limited till the time they are immature. She hands her a paper and tells her to read what she is capable of after being an adult. She tells Tina to snatch the right which she can’t get through love. She must divorce Munna and not stay connected in a false relationship. Tina tears the papers and asks Dolly to keep herself at her place, she already hurt her Dadi. Samar doesn’t want to marry her, she tells Dolly to leave her alone. Tina cries in the room.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Lovely tells Thapki whatever was Thapki’s belong to her now. Thapki gets a chance, she beats Lovely and runs away.