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Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st March 2017 Spoiler and Previews


Thapki tells Bani that she has an idea and this way she will get food and wateralso.

Thapki is about to give her water, but Amma Maayi snatches glass from hishand.

Amma Maayi takes glass from Thapki and is about to make Prince drink.

Vasu asks her not to try to make her afraid of her guns as she had lifted gunbefore.

She gives water to Prince and asks Bihaan to take bani inside.

Thapki tells that they have to free Tina and she has an idea.

Tina asks them to take her and says she is afraid here.

Kesar scolds her and asks her to be there till Bani gets married and AmmaMaayi frees her and goes.

Bihaan asks Thapki to take Tina and says he will handle him.

Thapki says no, and asks him to take Tina, and she will handle him.

Thapki asks what wrong did my daughter do? Monty tells that Amma Maayi isright and whatever she is doing is right.

Thapki asks him to differentiate between right and wrong and let him study.

Thapki asks him to shoot and asks him not to tell that they are same andstammers.

Bihaan comes to Thapki and says I will not leave that guy.

Tina hugs Thapki and says you are more lucky than Mamma, as you got all ofus.

Thapki says our daughter is back with us, and now you can’t force us for themarriage.

Amma Maayi says she will show proofs this time and asks Monty to give therecorder.

Thapki tells Amma Maayi to make Bani her bahu and that she will do herkanyadaan.

Thapki tells that she can’t do this being Bani’s mum.

Amma Maayi asks him to go and tells that Thapki will be caught by the law forthe betrayal.

on next episode you will watch Thapki agrees for Prince and Bani’s wedding. Bani is shocked and leaves Thapki’s hand. Shraddha is shocked and thinks what is going on in her mind and thinks to find out.

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