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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly looking at the house things and asks where is Thapki? Thapki comes and blesses Samar. Tina asks Samar to search his name in her hand and says you will not get me easily. Samar gets important call and he goes to attend it. Bani is washing her face and hands outside the house with water pipe. Samar comes and steps on the pipe while talking. Bani thinks how did the water stopped? Suddenly water comes as he moves. She gets drenched and sees Samar there. She understands that he stepped on the pipe and throws water on him using the pipe. Samar asks what nonsense, you made me drenched fully and ruined my phone. Bani says you made me drenched, who asked you to stepped on pipe. He takes the pipe and throws water on her. They have a rain fight. Bani falls down. Samar laughs and asks her to take his help. Bani holds his hand and makes him fall. Samar looks angry. Bani gets up and goes inside.

Vasu applies mehendi on Tina’s hands. Tina says you have applied nice mehendi. Suman says she learnt for you. Samar comes inside. Munna asks how did he get drenched? Samar says by mistake. Bani looks at Thapki. Dolly steals the things from the house. Suman asks why she stares her things. Thapki goes to Bani’s room and sees her holding gun. Bani blackmails her and tells that she will commit suicide and pulls the trigger of the gun. She pulls trigger to scare her. Thapki asks what did you do? Bani says it was empty, and fills bullet in it. She says what you will do now, and asks her to either break the marriage or see her die. Thapki is shocked.

Bani and Kosi signs each other. Bani hides the gun. Tina shows her hand on which Samar is written. Tina asks Thapki to sit with her and shows her mehendi, and says mehendi is beautiful. Thapki thinks of Bani’s words. She says I want to make an important announcement and says your mehendi….. Aryan Khanna comes there and says if you will get Tina married without Bihaan Pandey. Everyone is shocked to see him alive. Aryan khanna smiles. Suman says Bihaan dewar ji. Kosi is shocked too. Bani drops the gun shockingly. Vasu comes near Aryan/Bihaan and gets emotional. Aryan hugs her and gets emotional. He says your son is alive Maa. Vasu cries happily. Suman touches and sees him crying. He sees Tina and says ghajab. He tells Thapki that he has returned. Suman says Thapki’s trust have won and you have come.

Vasu says he made you alive wearing mangalsutra and sindoor, and tells her that Bihaan is alive. Thapki touches his feet. Kosi asks him to hug his real mum and curses him in her heart. Thapki signs him. Dolly says she is Samar’s mum. Aryan tells Samar that Tina is his life and says if I am here today is because of my daughters and family. He asks him to take care of Tina. Dolly gets happy and thinks he must be rich. He tells that Bani is exactly like Thapki. Bani is shocked.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Munna asks Aryan why is he acting to be Bihaan Pandey and playing with everyone’s emotions.

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